BABE Collaborates with LILKOOL for Unique Artist Series Inspired by 1990s Street Culture

BABE Launches Exclusive Artist Series in Collaboration with LILKOOL

New York street culture from the 1990s takes center stage in BABE’s latest artistic endeavor, as they join forces with renowned artist LILKOOL. Hailing from Brooklyn, LILKOOL’s distinctive style is heavily influenced by skateboarding culture, while also incorporating a vibrant pop art sensibility. Drawing inspiration from the city’s bustling streets, he expertly infuses the stories and soul of New York into his cartoon characters, truly capturing the essence of the city’s free-spirited and unbridled culture.

LILKOOL’s captivating artwork spans the spectrum of good and bad, perfectly reflecting the complexities of urban life. Through a unique grit printing process, he showcases a raw and gritty aesthetic, highlighting his exceptional craftsmanship. By integrating distressed and destructive techniques, LILKOOL’s collaboration with BABE emphasizes the power of cooperation. The result is a collection that offers a diverse range of wearing experiences, each boasting its own distinct feel and level of craftsmanship.

Exciting news for art enthusiasts and fashion connoisseurs alike, the BABE x LILKOOL artist collaboration series is set to hit the shelves of select boutiques starting September 22nd. Notably, Stream in Milan, Italy will be among the designated retail locations where this exclusive collection can be found. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of this remarkable collaboration.

BABE officially brings an artist series in collaboration with LILKOOL. LILKOOL comes from Brooklyn, New York. His works are deeply inspired by the street culture of the 1990s and influenced by skateboarding culture, while also showing a strong pop art flavor. He often draws inspiration from the streets, injecting the stories and soul of New York into cartoon characters, interpreting the free and unfettered culture of New York. The interesting cartoon images he creates are both good and bad. The grit printing process creates a pure and rough craftsmanship aesthetic. The distressing and destructive craftsmanship combines the concept of cooperation. The feel and the levels of craftsmanship create different wearing experiences. It is reported that BABE x LILKOOL artist collaboration series will be on sale in designated boutiques such as Stream in Milan, Italy from September 22. Interested friends should not miss it.

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