‘Babfor’ business that has been running for 34 years … Crisis due to accusations of ‘illegal extension’ in Seoul?

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The Babfor Sharing Movement, which has provided free meals to poor neighbors for 34 years, is in danger of stopping.

The city of Seoul accused Rev. Il-do Choi, saying, “I am building buildings illegally on municipal land,” and Rev. Choi is strongly protesting, saying that it is “forced slander.”

Reporter Jeong Hye-in covered the story.

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In the freezing cold weather, long lines formed under the oyster bridge.

The hands are busy preparing the steamed white rice, braised spinach, tofu, and miso soup.

“Have a good meal~”

‘Babfor’ free lunch restaurant in Dapsimni Ssangul, Seoul.

In an hour and a half, 500 people received a hot meal.

[무료배식 노인]

“It is necessary for those who do not have it. It is necessary because there are people who are getting older and the elderly.”

[최일도/목사(지난 2000년)]

“You’ve been waiting for a long time. Seriously, enjoy your meal.”

In 1998, Pastor Il-do Choi made ramen noodles for the poor and started a free meal service.

Pastor Choi, who quietly cooks in one place, was nicknamed ‘Pastor Babfor’.

In 2009, the city of Seoul also built temporary buildings on land owned by the city and supported the project.

But suddenly, the city of Seoul filed a complaint with the police on charges of illegal extension of Pastor Choi.

Last June, in order to expand the business, such as preventing lonely deaths, and to increase the number of people, we started construction on both sides of the existing temporary building, which is illegal.

In particular, it is reported that there was a rush of complaints about “removing hateful facilities where homeless people gather” ahead of the move to an apartment with more than a thousand households nearby.

[부동산 관계자]

“(The house price) will be 50 million won to 100 million won. I have hope that (‘Babfor’) will disappear, but (the building) is getting bigger and bigger now.”

Pastor Choi, who had fasted for ten days as a sign of protest, protested that the city of Seoul was holding a tantrum.


“If I ignore and be rude to the poor, the naked, and the homeless, I have no choice but to stand by their side and fight.”

As the controversy arose, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon would soon meet with Rev. Choi to discuss alternatives, such as legalizing the entire building as city-owned and providing it to the ‘Babfor’ project.

This is Hyein Jeong from MBC News.

Video coverage: Choi In-gyu / Video editing: Ryu Daye

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