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‘Babies are going to die in Afghanistan’; UN with warning

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‘Babies are going to die in Afghanistan’; UN with warning

Geneva: The United Nations has warned that Afghanistan is facing a major food crisis and that millions of people, including children, will starve to death in the country if immediate steps are not taken to recover from the devastation.

David Beasley, executive director of the UN World Food Program, told Reuters that all the funds withheld should be used for humanitarian intervention and efforts. He called for the funds set aside for development to be used to address food shortages in Afghanistan.

He said 22.8 million people (more than half) of Afghanistan’s 3.9 million people were facing severe food shortages and were on the verge of starvation.

The number of people facing food shortages in the country was 14 million two months ago. This is up from 22.8 million now.

“Children are going to die. People will starve. Things are getting worse, ”said David Beasley. He said the Afghans were facing a lack of funds and a severe financial crisis.

What we predicted will come true sooner than we calculated. The Taliban captured Kabul faster than expected. “Now the country’s economy is collapsing faster than that,” he said.

Unusually, in addition to the rural areas, the urban population is also in crisis. The World Food Program is now directly taking steps to help Afghanistan until December.

The UN food agency needs $ 220 million a month to feed the 23 million people facing food shortages in Afghanistan.

Concerned about human rights abuses under Taliban rule, the group called on countries to interact with the Taliban and save the country from collapse.

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Otherwise, it could lead to mass exoduses from Afghanistan, like the Syrian exodus that shook Europe in 2015, said the executive director of the World Food Program.

The Afghan economy has been driven by financial support from other countries and organizations such as the United Nations. With the withdrawal of US troops in August and the takeover of the Taliban regime, millions of dollars of funds were blocked from entering the country.


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