Baby Hulk: The Sad Story of a 9-Month-Old with Lymphangioma

Title: Kentucky Infant Diagnosed with Rare Condition Gains Nickname ‘Baby Hulk’

Kentucky, USA – The heart-wrenching tale of 9-month-old Armani Milby, dubbed ‘Baby Hulk’, has captivated the attention of the nation. Recently, various international media outlets, including the esteemed New York Post, shed light on Armani’s struggle with lymphangioma, a rare congenital condition.

Born prematurely at 33 weeks via emergency caesarean section, Armani’s arrival into the world was accompanied by a distressing diagnosis that led to abnormal swelling in her arms. Weighing an astonishing 12 pounds at birth – three times the average weight of a newborn – Armani’s condition took a toll on her mother, Chelsea Milby, who experienced deteriorating health as a result. Recalling the ordeal, Chelsea shared, “My days were consumed by agony. Sleep eluded me, and I was plagued by illness.”

At a tender age of 9 months, Armani’s body, particularly her arms, legs, and chest, appeared strikingly swollen, lending her the endearing nickname of ‘Baby Hulk’ or ‘Mini Hulk’. Lymphangioma, with a prevalence of approximately one in every 4,000 individuals, manifests through abnormal swelling in specific body areas, often leading to breathing complications and impaired vision. This condition is commonly detected shortly after birth or within the first year of life. Treatment options range from natural healing approaches to surgical interventions, depending on the severity of the case.

Armani’s prognosis seemed bleak from the outset, with medical professionals predicting that she would not survive beyond her first breath. “The news shattered my world. I was overcome with grief and confusion. I questioned why this had happened and pleaded for answers from a higher power,” Chelsea lamented.

However, defying the odds, Chelsea proudly shares that Armani has confounded the doctors who originally deemed her survival chances to be non-existent. “During the pregnancy, following the disheartening revelations about the baby’s health, thoughts of termination crossed my mind. However, I never seriously considered it. Instead, I focused on finding ways to support my child once she arrived,” Chelsea disclosed.

With a determined spirit, Armani is now slated for surgery at the end of this year to remove her lymphatic vessels. However, healthcare professionals anticipate that future procedures may be necessary to address the excess skin resulting from her condition.

As the nation follows this extraordinary journey, Armani’s brave fight against all odds continues to inspire hope and resilience.


(Caught from the New York Post)

The sad story of a 9-month-old girl called ‘Baby Hulk’ was told in the United States.

On the 25th, foreign media such as the New York Post covered the story of Armani Milby, a 9-month-old girl living in Kentucky, USA, who was diagnosed with lymphangioma.

According to reports, Armani’s mother, Chelsea Milby, gave birth by emergency caesarean section at 33 weeks after her daughter was diagnosed with a rare congenital condition that causes arm swelling.

Armani was born weighing 12 pounds, three times the weight of a normal baby. As a result, Chelsea’s health also declined. “I was suffering every day. I couldn’t sleep and I was very sick,” Chelsea recalled.

At 9 months old, Armani’s arms, legs and chest are swollen and he looks like a bodybuilder. This earned him the nickname ‘Baby Hulk’ or ‘Mini Hulk’.

Lymphangioma, which occurs in around 1 in 4,000 people, is a disease that can cause breathing and vision problems, and is accompanied by symptoms of abnormal swelling in certain areas and imbalances in the body. Most cases are diagnosed immediately after birth or within a year of birth. Depending on the severity of the diagnosis, it is treated through natural healing or surgery.

In Armani’s case, doctors predicted that he would not live to see his first breath. Chelsea said, “When I found out, I was disappointed and heartbroken. I didn’t understand what had happened or what was wrong. I cried every day and asked God why.”

Chelse said she was lucky to be able to prove the doctors wrong who said the baby’s chance of survival was ‘zero’. “I talked about abortion shortly after finding out there were some big problems with the unborn baby, but I had never considered it, but I wanted to know how I could help when the baby was born,” she said.

Meanwhile, Armani plans to undergo surgery to remove lymphatic vessels at the end of this year, and it has been reported that he will need multiple surgeries to remove excess skin in the future.

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