Bacambu is infected with the new crown and receives isolation treatment in Shanghai and is asymptomatic.

It is not ruled out that the infection during the journey may be currently in a state of asymptomatic infection

Bacambu receives quarantine treatment in Shanghai for new crown infection

In the early morning of the 5th, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan foreign aid Bacambu announced on his personal social platform that he had tested positive for the new crown virus. He is currently in a state of asymptomatic infection and is being isolated in a medical center. According to the news released later by the Shanghai Municipal Government Information Office, there was indeed one imported case from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Subsequently, the Guoan Club issued an announcement on the morning of the 5th, stating that the official test confirmed that Bacambu tested positive for the new crown virus after entering the country.

At 4 pm on the 2nd, Bakambu’s flight arrived in Shanghai safely, and he returned to China again after a three-month absence. During the quarantine period, he was found to be positive for the new crown during a routine checkup and was sent to a designated hospital for related treatment.

It is understood that Bacambu had been tested before returning to China, and the results did not have any problems. However, considering that the epidemic situation in Europe is still serious, it is not ruled out that he was infected while waiting for the test results or during the journey. The possibility.

Zhonghe Guoan Club wrote in the announcement: “According to official testing, the Beijing Zhonghe Guoan Football Club player Bakambu tested positive for the new crown virus after entering the country. The club will do its best to cooperate with the corresponding epidemic prevention work, and at the same time provide treatment and rehabilitation for the players Provide help. I wish Bakambu a speedy recovery and return to the game.”

According to the original plan, Bakambu was supposed to end the quarantine at the end of this month and join the Guoan team training in Shanghai, but considering his current situation of infection with the new crown virus, it is basically impossible for him to return to the team to report during this time period. . Although the Guoan team will postpone the meeting with Bakambu, this will not have much impact on the team’s overall preparations. As for whether Bacambu can return to its previous state after being infected, in fact, there is no need to worry.

Before the start of the league last year, the foreign aid Fellaini of Shandong Luneng (now Shandong Taishan) had been infected with the new crown and, like Bakambu, was asymptomatic. Fellaini still performed well after recovering. The first match against Dalian was completed with a 7-minute “hat trick” performance, and the former Henan Jianye team foreign aid (now Shanghai Shenhua) Basogo was also asymptomatic. The patient also performed well after recovery, so I really don’t have to worry too much about Bakambu’s state.

As for whether Bacambu’s infection will affect the team’s initial state of the Super League, it also depends on his recovery. If the time is short and can catch up with the pre-season sprint preparation period, the impact is really small, if not, it will definitely have a certain impact on the attacking power of the striker. However, physical health must be the primary goal, after all, rehabilitation is the primary task.


Bilic gave the players a week off before regrouping

On the 5th, the soldiers of Guoan who had finished the 20-day winter training in Haikou ushered in a rare vacation time. In the next week, they will have the opportunity to rest and adjust. After nearly 3 weeks of intensive training, coach Bilic gave the team a vacation to let everyone use this opportunity to adjust their physical condition. Although the start date of the league is approaching and the pressure on the team to prepare for the game is not small, the Croatians still uphold the attitude of combining work and rest, hoping that the players will relax.

Since arriving at the Haikou base on February 15th, Guoan has been training there for nearly 3 weeks. During this period, Bilic and his team officially appeared and participated in the daily management and coaching of the team. The team was also there. Several warm-up matches were conducted under the leadership of, and the results were not bad. Guoan met with Shandong Taishan twice, one against the first team and one against the reserve team. Guoan won both games. In the last teaching game of this stage on the 4th, Guoan won the Kunshan FC 2-0 with Wang Ziming and Gao Tianyi’s goals in the first and second halves, and ended this stage of training with a record of victory.

After a few games, Bilic has a better understanding of the team’s lineup and personnel. It can be said that apart from a few foreign aids, who can occupy a place in the new season’s main lineup, Bilic also has a basic heart. number. As for the young players who trained with the team, Bilic has also given them a lot of opportunities in the past three teaching games. Whether they can continue to train with the team during the winter training in Shanghai, maybe he will give in the next week. answer. According to the arrangement, from the 5th, the National Security Team will have a holiday adjustment. The players can arrange their own itineraries. However, the team requires everyone to do a good job in personal and family protection. At the same time, they must also ensure the most basic physical training during the holiday. Healthy body and mental state, to prepare for the new stage. It is understood that the team will regroup in Shanghai on the 11th and officially start a new stage of preparations.

According to the person in charge of the Guo’an echelon team, the Guo’an reserve team, which was also training in Haikou before, has also finished this stage of training and will have a holiday on the 4th. However, unlike the first team, Guoan requires the players to rest and adjust locally, and then follow the unified arrangement to go to Shanghai to continue training and competition.Text / reporter Zhang Kunlong

Coordinator/Wang Haozhou



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