Back home to perform Ding Dang is very encouraging, “When We Are Together Again” Hangzhou sings enthusiastically

Original title: Ding Dang was very friendly when he returned to his hometown to perform “When We Are Together Again”, Hangzhou began to sing enthusiastically

On the night of October 4th, Ding Dang’s 2022 “When We Are Together” live tour in Hangzhou, the “Queen of National Love Songs”, came to a successful conclusion amidst the reluctant chorus of fans! In addition to Hangzhou, the charm of the Ding Dang stage has also swept across major cities. Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Singapore, Suzhou and other cities are full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm. To coincide with Ding Dang’s first 15th birthday, the rock track turned the enthusiasm of the night on with one click. With each restless drum beat, it opened a perfect prelude to today’s “birthday party” with all the fans.

Ding Dang also revealed on social platforms that he is increasing the exercise of weight loss and physical fitness, which is sure to let everyone enjoy a perfect performance. At the start of the show, Ding Dang boldly said that he would “squeeze out” the physical strength of the fans present, and a series of hot songs such as “Night Cat”, “It’s all the fault of the old moon”, “Want to fall in love” and so on turned straight. The whole scene, ignited the emotions of the audience.

Live performances are of course indispensable for “dang style love songs” Ding Dang said with a smile: “Who said you have to listen to love songs while sitting. Sitting is like a meeting.” His funny words also made the audience laughed, and then came The essential first classical chorus includes “Agreement”, “Why Are You Lie”, “Metu Difalu” and other works. Singing to a high point, Ding Dang specially invited a live fan to sing the classic love song “Heart Too Soft” with her. The sweet hand-in-hand chorus got Edding Dang fans excited and said she “don’t wash her. hands tonight.” Laugh out loud, the close connection adds some warmth to Hangzhou, where the temperature has plummeted today.

Although they don’t see each other often, Ding Dang and his fans always pay attention to each other, and leave messages to each other to send each other warmth. That night, Ding Dang also is a “matchmaker” once again, to provide single fans with the opportunity to make friends, and hopes that everyone can benefit from the happiness. After that, Gengeng Code brought the warm first singing of the new song “Beside the Female Character” “This song is also the last song of the TV series “Taipei Women’s Guide”. I hope everyone can learn to love and embrace their themselves after listening to Even more fans shed tears in the singing scene, and the words that touched the tears hit the people’s hearts directly. Later, I sang a new song “Nobody have written a song for you” by my sister Bai An. The powerful rendition of the diva love song also gave this song a different emotional atmosphere. It was also vigorously promoted on the spot. I I hope fans at Nanjing Friends all went to support Bai An’s tour in Nanjing on October 7th.

After the successful performance at Hangzhou Station, Ding Dang also has to prepare non-stop for the next itinerary. On November 11th and 12th, “When We Come Together” concert tour will be held at Taipei Station with two hot singing performance. The musical “Take the Wrong Train” “November 4th, 5th, and 6th will also appear at the Grand Theater of the Taipei Performing Arts Center. We look forward to more opportunities to listen to Ding Dang sing up close in the future.Return to Sohu, see more


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