Back to 7,000 electrons… U.S. stocks fell last night on slump in semiconductor stocks

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Samsung(79,800 -0.62%) As the stock price fell, it fell again to ‘70,000 electrons’.

As of 9:20 am on the 29th, Samsung Electronics was trading at 79,900 won, down 400 won (0.5%) from the previous trading day.

Samsung Electronics maintained the level of 80,000 won for three consecutive trading days from the 24th, but the stock price fell to the 70,000 won level on the same day.

Amid the sluggish returns of semiconductor stocks in the US stock market last night, the possibility of arbitrage offerings is being raised.

Han Ji-young, a researcher at Kiwoom Securities, said, “As can be seen in the US stock market, there is a short-term price burden on growth stocks or leading stocks. need,” he said.

Reporter Eunji Cha,

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