Back to state politics; Kunhalikutty is ready to step down as an MP

Malappuram: PK Kunhalikutty is ready to be active in Kerala politics again. There are indications that Kunhalikutty is preparing to resign as an MP as part of his activism in the state. This is being discussed by the leadership meeting of the league. If an agreement is reached in the leadership meeting, the decision will be announced in the working committee.

According to the league, Kunhalikutty is needed in the state in the current situation. Meanwhile, the League has been accused of using Kunhalikutty to hijack the UDF. It has been alleged that the League will demand the post of Deputy Chief Minister if the UDF comes to power.

Kunhalikutty came to the Lok Sabha from Malappuram following the death of E Ahmed. Vengara had resigned as an MLA and reached Parliament. Kunhalikutty has shifted his focus to Delhi with the ambition of becoming a Union Minister when the UPA comes to power in 2019. But with Narendra Modi’s return to power with a large majority, Kunhalikutty’s ambitions were shattered. Political observers say this is one of the reasons behind the decision to return to state politics.


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