Back to the riverbed?Quintero: Focusing on the Shenzhen team’s game without knowing outside rumors_Conference_News_Granero

Original title: Return to the riverbed?Quintero: Focus on the Shenzhen team’s game without knowing outside rumors

On December 25, Beijing time, at the pre-match press conference of the 19th round of the 2021 Super League, Shenzhen coach Granero and his team member Quintero attended the event. They will usher in the game against Shanghai Seaport tomorrow night. At the press conference, Quintero talked about whether he would return to the riverbed.

Earlier, Italian transfer reporter Schila said that the Shenzhen team’s foreign aid Quintero will return to the Ajia River Plate team on loan. At the press conference, Quintero responded to this: “I don’t know the rumors from the outside. I’m currently in the Shenzhen team, and my attention is all on the Shenzhen team’s game at this stage, and I’ll talk about it later. .”

In addition, Quintero also talked about tomorrow’s opponents at the press conference. He said: “Tomorrow’s opponents are very strong, and the overall level of the championship zone is very strong. We are also fully prepared, hope Can play their own things on the court and strive for satisfactory results.”Return to Sohu to see more


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