Backdoor appointment at Raj Bhavan: The governor’s letter is out to stabilize staff

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November 21, 2022 11:04 am

The duplicity of Governor Arif Muhammad Khan, who is riddled with false allegations to obstruct and defame the work of the state government, has come to light. The allegations against the state government surfaced on the governor after the letter calling for regularization of Raj Bhavan staff came out.
The governor who, in his constitutional position, was braver than the opposition, and who had constantly argued against the LDF government as backdoor appointments, wrote to the prime minister asking him to stabilize his office staff himself and his photographer. The letters released yesterday further make it clear that the governor’s only aim is to implement the RSS agenda.

On December 29, 2020, the governor requested through a letter that 20 temporary employees and P Dilip Kumar, who works as a photographer at Raj Bhavan, should be made permanent. The letter was issued asking for regularization of those appointed by Kudumbashree with less than five years of service. In the letter, the Governor also asked for renaming the post of ‘Cypher Assistant’ to the post of Photographer to stabilize Dileep, who was working as a photographer on contract basis. He was also asked to consider it as a special case and take the necessary steps. According to the special interest of the governor, the appointment is made on the basis of the letter sent to the prime minister, it is also explained in the confirmation order.

The explanation also plays a role

After the release of the letter issued by the Raj Bhavan asking for regularization of the employees of the Raj Bhavan, the explanation of the Raj Bhavan is also in doubt. Raj Bhavan PRO put together weak arguments. The statement said that since Arif Muhammad Khan took over as governor, no person has been appointed in the personal staff beyond the number allowed. Raj Bhavan argued that the letter was issued to regularize the workers before he took office and the recommendation to regularize the photographer was in accordance with the state government’s policy.

But it was revealed earlier that during his tenure, the governor had appointed people including a BJP leader to his personal staff. The Governor himself, who is against the personal staff members of the Minister’s Office, has inducted his own people into the personal staff and asked for regularization of the employees of the Raj Bhavan.

English summary: Back door appointment at Raj Bhavan: The governor’s letter is out to stabilize staff

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