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Bad Blood, Suan Lum, moved to Khao Son Hope of drugs against COVID Benefit human beings

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29 May 2021 9:16 PM.

Became famous And create hope for Thai people If the blood from the bringer Also known as the “bad guy” has the ability to inhibit emerging pathogens, especially “COVID”, with satisfactory results. Must be praised to the people “bad” has benefited the human world. To escape from this terrible disease

Must follow up and wait for further progress for a while. But do you know? The money man, or “bad guy Suan Lum”, had been chased out and released in the Khao Son Wildlife Conservation Station, Ratchaburi Province, behind this research. Because only the blood and money from nature are needed

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Not killing and cruelty of animals at all, according to “Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jit Kamol Thanasak Veterinary” Department of Clinical Medicine and Public Health Faculty of Veterinary Science Mahidol University Which is interested in the bad guy for more than 6 years until he got the nickname “bad doctor” led to research and study on this subject 2 years ago from the request for a grant from the Research Fund (TRF.) Until the good news was found That has an effect to inhibit the growth of cancer cells And some bacteria

“Formerly studied only against cancer cells. And some bacteria And when COVID outbreaks Must study the virus as well Can it stop COVID? And cope with emerging diseases in the future From now on, I will do my research faster after receiving the TRF scholarship again a few months ago. Must work with biotech to use lab equipment and earn money I think that it takes at least 1 year. “

Reasons for using the blood of a bringer Because as a veterinarian And there is a lot of information about this type of wild animal. Therefore, studies are conducted to look at the immunity of the money from the blood cells. Which will use only blood That extracts proteins into lymphatic blood Also known as the serum should help resist. In the development of drugs It is different from pure alligator blood. Put in the capsule To eat to help build antioxidants

However, it is acknowledged that studies to suppress COVID are hopeful that will need to be expanded to look for certain substances. May jump out Like a grain of sand in a can, only one grain of sand may be valuable, or at least used to fight COVID. Like anti-HIV drugs (HIV), if a new drug can be developed. Will be another option and is the first in the world

Another reason is because of the money. Can live a remarkable life Even in pipes with polluted water can survive. Unlike other mammals And there are different types of blood cells Which the use of the blood of the bringer Confirm that there is no persecution of life And must ask for permission from the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department to capture the money Inside the Khao Son Wildlife Cultivation Station, Ratchaburi Province, which originally lived in Lumpini Park And the need for techniques Softly

“Anyone who tells himself damn Suan Lum is useless Will see the benefits this time Because after taking it to release that he cares They reproduce quickly. And only need blood from the badass Does not kill For example, a 5-kilo badass can suck 80 cc of blood if it is used to make a drug. In helping to cure humans, take antivirals and cope with emerging diseases in the future Therefore would like to be a part of the study And there is hope of success in developing drugs from the bloodsucker. Even if it takes any time “.

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