Bad Christian Right Week in Georgia

Insurance commissioner Jim Beck carries out campaigns before an image of controller Brian Kemp.
Photo: Jim Beck via Twitter

During the period when he resigned from Republicans, Georgia remains a special place for the Christian right. After all, Ralph Reed's reason was that his career progressed worse with a lurid scandal involving casino gaming. Former colleague and the national anti-abortion icon, Karen Handel, was the base for losing gubernatorial runoff in 2010 because she was not sufficiently abortion. Georgia's recent delegations to Washington include colorful religious nuts such as Paul Broun Jr, anti-evolution (“lie from hoof hell”) member of the House Science Committee, and Jody Hice, who rejects the major religion religion is Islam is called.

So no surprise at all that Brian Kemp was running for the governor last year as a “politically wrong conservative” on a ticket to an alliance leader and insurance commissioner Georgia Christian Jim Beck, or Kemp signed happily legislation by taking his states with the list The Constitution impedes a ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, which is usually around the time a fetal heart beat can be detected.

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