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Bad signal! Ice Na Phacharin informs the news of Aunt Coma, many organs fail!

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“Ice Na Phatcharin” Daughter “Uncle Koon Chuan Chuen” informs the update of the symptoms, father is in a coma after the latest COVID-19 infection, many organs have failed. The body does not respond There is a risk of cardiac arrest at any time The daughter said, can only sit and pray!

During the evening of 29 Apr ago. Ice Na Phacharin News of the symptoms of a famous father or auntie, who was infected with COVID-19, the latest in coma And the risk of cardiac arrest all the time Which is not going well The organ forgot many liquids and the dialysis stopped. In which Ice revealed that …

Update father’s symptoms.

Father’s condition is now in a coma. Many organs fail Including the work of the body Especially the pulse and pressure The body does not respond to the medication that is given There is a risk of developing cardiac arrest.

The medical team has already helped in every way. Which dialysis may not help right now The body has a low platelet count. Other immunosuppressants cannot be given due to infection. May make it worse

And if cardiac arrest occurs Heart pumping may be less responsive. Because many organs fail

#I pray and pray for my father all the time.

After the said post There were many people who came to send support to Aunt Khomnun and his family

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