Badminton|Ng Ka-Lang’s proposal was “sweetly scared” by the wind and moved his girlfriend to embrace the beauty (12:55)-20211010-Sports-News

The tropical storm “Lion Rock” struck Hong Kong yesterday (9th), and it was also a big day for the Hong Kong team star general Wu Ka Long to propose marriage. He announced the good news today (10th). He laughed and said that he was nervous and slurred when he read the lines. Fortunately, he still moved his girlfriend to tears. He also claimed that he was almost disturbed by the No. 8 typhoon, and “sweat scared”, but Fortunately, the girlfriend’s friends and all parties can help to make the marriage proposal successful.

Ng Ka-Lang returned to the international arena this month and completed one of the major events in his life before leaving Hong Kong, but he laughed and said that he had no next plan: “I have been preparing for the surprise for about a month. I really want to thank my girlfriend’s good friend for their efforts. It can go so smoothly. However, I don’t know what to do next because I don’t have experience.”

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