Baduk Advisor ‘The Glory’ Yoon Se-ah mam… A living witness to the history of women’s baduk in Korea

Actor Yoon Se-ah’s mother, Kim Sang-soon, plays Go (left), and Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) plays Go in the drama ‘The Glory’. /Yoon Se-ah Instagram, Netflix

It became a hot topic when it was known that the person in charge of consulting Go, who became an important motif for the Netflix series ‘The Glory’, was the mother of actress Yoon Se-ah. Yoon Se-ah’s mother, Kim Sang-soon, is known as an indispensable figure in the world of baduk, even appearing in a thesis on the history of women’s baduk in Korea.

On the 15th, Yoon Se-ah posted a photo from the end credits of ‘The Glory’ on her Instagram, saying, “My mother’s name is suddenly stuck in my heart.” In the opening credits, it is written as ‘Go advisory Korea Baduk Association Yoo Gyeong-min, Jung Jae-woo, Ha Ho-jeong, and Kim Sang-soon’.

Yoon Se-ah said, “My mother, who has been the first female noodle player and has dedicated her life to the baduk world, was with me as a baduk advisor for ‘The Glory’.” It looks like they overlap.” ‘The Glory’ is a drama that depicts the desperate revenge of Moon Dong-eun, whose soul has been shattered due to violence at school, very carefully prepared risking her whole life. Moon Dong-eun learns baduk from Joo Yeo-jeong (Lee Do-hyeon), an assistant, in order to get closer to Ha Do-yeong (Jung Seong-il), Park Yeon-jin’s (Lim Ji-yeon ) husband , the wrongdoer.

Yoon Se-ah said, “Even now, a mother who teaches her children how to play Go and says you’re ‘happy,’ and a mother who says, ‘I will definitely play Baduk’ until age if I am born again. I’m proud of you. I love you,” he conveyed his sincere heart.

◇ Kim Sang-soon, a strong man who appeared in the early days of female baduk

Yoon Se-ah (left) and her mother Kim Sang-soon. / Yoon Se-ah Instagram

According to Cho Seon-oh’s master’s thesis, ‘Development Process of Modern Korean Women’s Baduk’ at the Myongji University Graduate School of Baduk in 2012, Kim Sang-soon was one of the influential figures in the world of women’s baduk in the 1970s.

Until the 1960s, it is said that it was a time when women were ashamed to play Go. In 1963, for the first time since liberation, the women’s baduk competition was held in the Chosun Ilbo, with Cho Young-sook and Yoon Hee-yul winning respectively from Gapjo and Euljo. It was an unconventional event, but it only happened once, and after that, the fame of both people continued as the competition was not held.

In 1974, 11 years later, the Korea Economic Daily and Sunday Newspaper held the ‘1st Women’s Noodle Exhibition’. Unexpectedly, it was popular enough for KBS to report on it, receiving interest from general Go fans. Yoon Se-ah’s mother, Kim Sang-soon, won the championship by defeating Mr. Cho and Mr. Yoon, identified as strong candidates. The paper stated, “The appearance of a new character named Kim Sang-soon was considered a sign heralding the appearance of a new woman in the single life of Cho Young-sook and Yoon Hee-yul.” He continued, “The genealogy of Korean women’s baduk continues from the era of Cho Young-sook and Yoon Hee-yul in the 1970s to the active era of Kim Sang-soon and Hwang Jeong-gyeong.”

Kim Sang-yn fuan (third from right), an invited female noodle soup, attended the 47th Harim Cup National Ama Women’s Noodle Exhibition held on June 18, 2022 as a guest. /Korea Baduk Society

Yeoryu Guksujeon has been established as a prestigious competition with a history that continues to this day, and Mr. Kim was named as the first winner of the competition.

Mr. Kim also led the establishment of the Korean Women’s Ciwoo Association to expand the base of the Go female population. Currently, the name has been changed to the Korean Women’s Baduk Federation, and she served as the first president of this organization.


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