Bae Jeong-nam’s disc surgery dog ​​and wheelchair, let’s walk again with the utmost sincerity of DEG

(Photo = SNS Bae Jeong-nam)

Actor Bae Jung-nam shared the current status of his dog.

Bae Jeong-nam posted a short video on her Instagram on the 18th with the words “Wheelchair arrived!”

In the released video, Bae Jeong-nam shows off the wheelchair he prepared for his dog Bell. Bae Jeong-nam encourages Bell, who is still unfamiliar with wheelchairs, and creates warmth.

Bae Jeong-nam then added, “It’s still hard to stand up, but I’m proud of it because I stand up well.

Meanwhile, Bae Jeong-nam revealed that his dog Bell recently underwent acute disc surgery.

Reporter Lee Jun-hyun for Ten Asia

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