Baek Ji-young Reveals Past Stage Outfits and BTS Connection on ‘Seren Radio’ Broadcast

Singer Baek Ji-young Talks About Past Stage Outfits on ‘Seren Radio’ Broadcast

By Jeong Bit, Chosun Sports Reporter

During a recent episode of MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ that aired on the 20th, Singer Baek Ji-young discussed her previous stage outfits. The special episode, titled ‘Oh My Chemistry ~ It worked a little,’ also featured guests Lim Won-hee, Jeong Seok-yong, and Mimi, with Comedian Jang Do-yeon joining as the new MC.

Baek Ji-young took the opportunity to shed light on the story behind the creation of her hit song ‘Like Being Shot,’ which was written and composed by Bang Si-hyuk. She also mentioned the coincidence of BTS debuting shortly after the release of the song, jokingly referring to it as a “BTS predecessor.” The MCs and guests had a good laugh over this remark.

Further, Baek Ji-young opened up about her role as Bang Si-hyuk’s muse on ‘Like I’ve Been Shot’ and ‘Candy to My Ears.’ She revealed that she personally requested Bang Si-hyuk to include the songs in her album and shared the story of their amicable separation. Bang Si-hyuk, she said, declined to work on her album at the time due to other project commitments, allowing them to part ways on good terms.

Regarding the connection between ‘Like Being Shot’ and BTS, MC Yoo Se-yoon remarked that the song seemed like a precursor to the popular boy band. Baek Ji-young humorously replied, “I was wondering why he was blocking a bullet.” The conversation brought laughter to the set.

In a light-hearted atmosphere, MC Kim Gu-ra jokingly remarked that BTS and Bang Si-hyuk’s success made it seem like they should have collaborated earlier. The comment added to the amusement of the guests and audience.

Baek Ji-young also shared memories from her past, recalling her time as a concept craftsman at the turn of the century. She mentioned her stage costumes for songs like ‘Dash’ and ‘Sad Salsa,’ describing them as exceptionally provocative and unconventional compared to present-day outfits.

Explaining the details of the costumes, she mentioned that for ‘Dash,’ the top and bottom were made of PVC, and a transparent vinyl triangle was strategically placed on each side of the pelvis area. She also revealed that for ‘Sad Salsa,’ she simply added tassels to the underwear. The MCs couldn’t help but react with surprise upon seeing these past stage costumes.

Kim Gook-jin commented, “It’s more unconventional than what we see today,” while Kim Gu-ra jokingly wondered if they could recreate such an atmosphere at a concert. Baek Ji-young amusingly replied, “I can’t do it anymore. Nowadays, I can’t afford to buy such expensive outfits,” evoking laughter from everyone present.

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‘Seren Radio’ broadcast screen

[스포츠조선 정빛 기자] Singer Baek Ji-young talked about her stage outfits in the past.

‘Seren Radio’ broadcast screen

MBC’s ‘Radio Star’, which aired on the 20th, featured a special called ‘Oh My Chemistry ~ It worked a little’ featuring Baek Ji-young, Lim Won-hee, Jeong Seok-yong, and Mimi . Comedian Jang Do-yeon also joined as a new MC.

On this day, Baek Ji-young reveals the story behind the birth of the song ‘Like Being Shot’, written and composed by Bang Si-hyuk. Also, the fact that BTS came out after ‘Like I’ve Been Shot’ came out, and when the MCs came in, saying, ‘It feels like a BTS predecessor,’ they rang a bell and make everyone laugh.

The story arose about working as Bang Si-hyuk’s muse on ‘Like I’ve Been Shot’ and ‘Candy to My Ears’. He revealed that he personally asked Bang Si-hyuk to accept the song, and also revealed the story behind his beautiful farewell. Baek Ji-young revealed that Bang Si-hyuk refused to work on her album and was “going in on a specific project,” so they were able to part ways on a happy note.

Then, in response to Baek Ji-young’s comment that “BTS came out soon after,” MC Yoo Se-yoon said, “‘Like I’ve Been Shot’ feels like a precursor to BTS.” Baek Ji-young laughed and said, “I was wondering why he was blocking a bullet.”

In an atmosphere full of laughter, linking BTS’s ‘Like Being Shot’ and ‘Bangtan’, MC Kim Gu-ra added, “BTS and Bang Si-hyuk are doing so well that you feel you should have hit them back then. “It made everyone laugh.

At the same time, he recalled memories of his past, saying that he was a concept craftsman at the turn of the century. Baek Ji-young said, “The costumes for ‘Dash’ and ‘Sad Salsa’ were too sexy,” and added, “It’s much more unconventional than now.”

He also said, “For ‘Dash’, it was made of PVC at the top and bottom, but both sides of the pelvis were pierced with a triangle transparent vinyl. Every time I made those pants, it went the triangles are bigger and bolder. When I did ‘Sad Salsa’, I just added tassels to the underwear.” he explained.

When the stage costumes of the past were revealed, the MCs couldn’t keep their mouths shut. Kim Gook-jin, who saw this, said, “It’s more unconventional than now,” and Kim Gu-ra said, “Can’t we create this kind of atmosphere in a concert?” Baek Ji-young then said, “I can’t do it. Now I can’t wear things that cost a lot of money to buy,” making everyone laugh.

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