Baek Jin-hee, pregnant with twins, panics over losing twins (really)

Baek Jin-hee, pregnant with twins, panics over losing twins (really)

2023-04-01 20:20:55



Baek Jin-hee was embarrassed by the disappearance of her twins.

Broadcast on April 1st

KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘The real one appeared!’ In the 3rd episode (written by Jo Jeong-ju/directed by Han Jun-seo), Oh Yeon-du (Baek Jin-hee) asked Gong Tae-gyeong (Ahn Jae-hyun) to delete the child.

Oh Yeon-doo went to doctor Gong Tae-kyung after hearing that she would have told her ex-wife Kim Joon-ha (Jeong Eui-je) to get rid of them if she had had children without telling her she was pregnant with twins. Oh Yeon-du asked Gong Tae-kyung to delete the child.

Gong Tae-gyeong recommended an ultrasound scan, and Oh Yeon-doo told Gong Tae-gyeong, “Don’t waste time and do it quickly. Because I don’t want to see one or two,” she said, turning away from the ultrasound screen.

Gong Tae-gyeong said, “I can’t see the child. The child is gone,” he wondered and said, “There’s only one baby house left. Twin loss is a phenomenon where one child fails to grow properly and is aborted.”

Oh Yeon-doo said, “Where is that? Does that make sense?” he was surprised and said, “I won’t listen. It has nothing to do with me” and he left. Oh Yeon-doo was devastated by the loss of her twins and made us speculate about her change of heart. (Photo = Captured from KBS 2TV’s ‘The Real Appeared’)

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