Baek Seung-ho transfers to Jeonbuk’Break’… Suwon Samsung “From a sincere apple”

2013’Joined Suwon when returning to K-League’
Despite the written agreement,
Suwon “received principal and damage compensation
Baek Seung-ho’s claim that there is no legal effect

Pro Soccer K-League 1 Suwon Samsung recently pointed out that “apples come first” regarding Baek Seung-ho (24, Darmstadt), who fell into an’all-stop state’ over the contents of an agreement with Suwon while pursuing a move to Hyundai, Jeonbuk.

A Suwon official said on the 22nd, “I have to meet with Baek Seung-ho, but first of all, a sincere apology is the first. Recruitment is the next problem,” and said, “Even if you recruit Baek Seung-ho in this situation, you will not be welcomed by Suwon fans.”

After graduating from Daedong-cho, Baek Seung-ho went on to study abroad as the FC Barcelona youth team as soon as he entered Maetanjung, a youth team in Suwon in 2010.

At that time, Suwon allowed study abroad, and in April 2010, Seung-ho Baek and Seung-ho Baek will provide a total of 300 million won each year for three years to help the development of Baek Seung-ho. At the end of the study period, the first agreement was written to go to Maetango.

But when Baek Seung-ho signed a five-year contract with Barcelona in July 2011, a problem arose. Baek Seung-ho did not consult with the Suwon club, which provided financial support when signing a five-year contract with Barcelona.

Suwon decided to continue the support for the remaining two years, although Baek Seung-ho’s side violated the first agreement, and in March 2013, when he returned to the K-League with Baek Seung-ho, he wrote a second agreement that included that he would join Suwon unconditionally. Suwon explained that the second agreement also included a claim that if the contract is violated, the student can also claim the cost of studying abroad and compensation for damages.

However, it is known that Baek Seung-ho argues that the contents of the agreement have no legal effect as Suwon decided not to provide additional support in the process of preparing the second agreement.

An official from Suwon argued, “Even in the process of negotiating recruitment with Jeonbuk, Baek Seung-ho did not give any notice to our club. If you go to another K-League team, you will have to receive the amount of damages as well as the principal we applied.”

Meanwhile, Jeonbuk Hyundai announced on the recruitment of Baek Seung-ho, “It will be revealed that it has agreed to join Suwon Samsung when returning to Korea and will stop the recruitment process.” An official from Jeonbuk said, “Baek Seung-ho must solve the problem with Suwon in order. Jeonbuk is not a party, but a third party.”

/ Reporter Shin Chang-yoon


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