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Bael fights against net idols Revealing the empty heart status (clip)

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Called full work For DJs – loud MCs Matum Techin Ploypetch Behind the famous entertainment page, Jemoy 108, posted a message that the host hijacked the fan net idol. And many netizens think that it should refer to Bael Recently, Bael was the host of “Z Story” at Studio 1, Amarin Television Co., Ltd., so reporters asked about this. Including the story that Bael cried after knowing that the best sister was a DJ – a hot female host Spring Onion Sakuntla Broke up with foreign boyfriend

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Asked about Tonhom broke up with his girlfriend?
“Tum said that Tum seared a lot of tears with his love this time. It doesn’t know what to say. In the end, he was breaking up, very sad because this person Toom used the word Tum to get a needle on the Maha Peninsula. This person encourages him to take care of his illness and see that he will definitely survive. Everything is a match Than to make him date. Tum consumes a lot of energy.

It started with we wanted him first, right (laughs) because of a good profile, handsome, business man. Everything looks good. Bael met him for the first time at AINU Bar Thonglor, he was friends with the owner. Then he introduced Bael. Said that this man was so good-looking, he didn’t eat enough manners, it was all good, but he didn’t choose us. But when we recommend Pee Hom He likes Hom. It’s a pity. “

When he broke up Can we help clear it up?
“Do not dare to meddle more than The day he decided to retreat, lower the status of Kantoum, had a chance to eat and feed him, and cried alone until the elder was fragrant.Say you’re my, why do you sing in with the love of your friends? We are lover friends We want our friends to meet good people. When it doesn’t get together, it’s sad. “

Does he say anything to us?
“He is an adult. He is quite a foreigner. Talk to each other know about Talk like an adult Is that it doesn’t end in a bad way Should be the first one to finish well. “

Do we always know what the problem is?
“Really, Toom just heard it. Toom only knows Pee Hom’s lifestyle. Since when she has a younger brother (younger protects his younger brother’s son), this one is not because of a younger brother. But Toom means that with the village, Poh Hom has already settled here But on the male side, he wanted to take the Hom to that side We understand already. “

The problem is just this, right?
“The details of the details are unknown. Because it is a story that the two of them talked about. We didn’t know that deep. We have the duty to arrange As a bridge of merit for them both In the end, he will not go on. It is about his destiny. “

Can we be the glue for him?
“Can’t be glue, really try to get him But in the end, if it is yes, it is yes. If it is not, it is not “

Now he goes back to his country?
“This one doesn’t know. Toom did not dare to ask Pee Hom about this. Because when talking about this, Raai Toom will cry Tum did not dare to speak. He had been talking for years. He is also here because of COVID. According to what Brother Hom said in the program “

Do you think he has a chance to come back?
“I cannot answer at all. But only know that if possible Brother Hom, he is not young. If someone is there to take care of him He was perfect, everything was fine, the children were lovely, the family was warm. Friends are cute If there was a good guy, it would be the perfect woman. ”

Bael said that he wanted the onion to be there. Think you might be married, right?
“Oh … every woman when talking to a man has to have an opinion of herself wearing a bride’s dress. This one, Toom, did not talk to Phi Hom. But Toom understood that he should have been this feeling. But he is an adult He sees that in the end, it is necessary to separate life, dream and reality. “

In conclusion, do I have to find a new one?
“Let’s say who is watching And interested in a woman named Sakuntla Contact Toom as before (laughs) “

The latest news has an abbreviation for the fan net idol. People associate that it is us?
“(Shook his head and laughed) Not really, asked if he knew the news. See from the page of Je Moi 108, I have shared it, it’s funny, I read the comments, 95% are all Bael. Asked if I read it, do you have a similar part? Beautiful buds, is it possible to steal someone? It’s not that size We can’t compete with each other. “

Is there any event nearby?
“I don’t know. Som Tum Tum shops go to many places. Tum do not know. But it shouldn’t be Tum. If it’s really a boom Or accidentally steal someone He should come out to curse or unfold more earnestly rather than in an idle post. “

Confirm that we do not take ownership?
“No, if we talk to someone And then realized that this person had an owner and did not dare to

Whom do we go to the birthday party during that time? Then he linked it?
“(Turns to the reporter) Where is this? (Laughs) Tum went to many friends’ birthday parties.

Is there an event like that at the birthday party?
“There is a normal cake blow, but actually lately we go to a lot of friends’ birthday parties. We don’t know what birthday party he means. “

Challenge him to show you evidence?
“Why challenge like a kindergarten child No challenge That is, we are not going to take anyone’s girlfriend anyway. We do not know who we are going to take. “

Do we not know that the person we are talking to has a girlfriend?
“Really, this one cannot answer here. Because we do not know if the person we are talking to has a girlfriend or not. Because we talk a lot (laughs), Toom does not know personally. Toom thinks that if we really intend to take someone, please tell us or if the person we are talking to has a girlfriend, then you can notify us. We are happy to retreat. Because we do not want to destroy any relationship of anybody anyway “

Or with the fact that we are human relations Talk to everyone or not?
“Yes. Tum is so close, so close (laughs), but Toom understands. It’s entertainment news. Is addictive to entertain Toom is not serious anyway. “

When talking to someone, do you have to secretly check if he has an owner?
“We do not check that he has an owner? We checked him first. That he is okay with us or not As for the story with owners, no owners, the press will soon check for us. “

Are we single status? Doesn’t seem like a full mouth?
“Hui, I don’t want to reply like a celebrity. It is really free time to work. Today is 9:00 p.m. to midnight. It takes more time to develop a relationship with someone. It’s not that much Therefore Toom is still in the middle of watching, chatting first, better be a friend in the group. “

And what about the actors of Channel 7?
“Actors of Channel 7 are all brothers and sisters. This one confirms Tum is a friendly person. And Tum spoke to anyone. Tum was honestly saying that if he could flirt, if not, he was a brother. Why do we have to be his enemies? That one brushed off. It’s still a lonely state right now (laughs) ”.

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