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Bafang Yunji initiates the stop-loss mechanism, and will reportedly withdraw from the Chinese market (file photo)

[Adroddiad y Gohebydd Yang Yamin/Taipei]The epidemic in China has hit the civilian production industry, it is said that the Taiwanese potsticker chain Long Bafang Yunji will withdraw from the Chinese market before the end of the year. Bafang Yunji said that the stop- was implemented loss mechanism two years ago, and the stores that are not functioning well have been closed one after the other, are currently being adjusted.

At its peak, Bafang Yunji opened more than 100 stores in China. Currently, there are only about 20 stores in Fujian, of which 9 have become franchise stores, and the revenue contribution of the Chinese market is only 0.7% .

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The Taiwan market is still the main source of revenue, accounting for 81%; Hong Kong accounts for 16.9%, and the US market, which just planted its flag this year, accounts for 1.5% of revenue.

Lin Xinyi, chairman of Bafang Yunji, pointed out at the legal meeting a few days ago that Bafang Yunji will actively use the US market. Bafang Yunji’s first store in the US will have an average daily revenue of about 15,000 dollars’ r US and a price unit of about US dollar 27. Expected this year A second store will be opened at the end of the year, with eight stores in Southern California by the end of next year.

Bafang Yunji also plans to establish a central factory in Northern California, and is expected to open its first store in Northern California in 2024, and at the same time, begin to authorize franchise in other states.

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