‘Baht’ closed today ‘stable’ at 29.98 baht per dollar.

26 January 2021


Thai baht stabilizes, narrow frame, waiting for US fiscal measures and signals of the Fed meeting this Jan. 26-27.

Miss Kanchana Chokphaisansilp Research Executive Research group company Kasikorn Research Center Revealed thatThe baht still moves in a narrow frame. 29.95-29.99 Before closing the domestic market at 29.98 Baht per dollar Close to the open market level at 29.99 Baht per dollar The market is still waiting to follow the US fiscal policy. In Congress Including signals from the Fed at the meeting date 26-27 m.C. this

For the framework of the movement of the baht tomorrow Expected at 29.90-30.10 Baht per dollar While important foreign economic data Including Industrial profit.C. Of china And the amount of durable goods orders in the month.C. US


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