baht depreciation Awaiting the midweek feed meeting, Thai stocks fell 8.22 points.

The baht closed tonight at 34.10/12 baht/dollar from the market opening in the morning at 34.05 baht/dollar The baht is expected to move in a stable frame. By waiting to follow up on the results of the meeting of the United States Federal Reserve (Fed) on Wednesday, March 22, while gold during this period has risen to almost $ 2,000 / ounce. also pressured the baht to appreciate In terms of domestic factors such as the dissolution of parliament, it did not affect the baht.

The SET index closed today at 1,555.45 points, a decrease of 8.22 points (-0.53%), with a trading value of 62,838 million baht, net foreigners selling 3,542.47 million baht (SET+MAI).

Gold price report (96.5% gold) for March 20, 2023 as published by the Association of Gold Traders. Today, the price of gold has changed during the day 15 times, closing the market has increased by 250 baht.

-Gold bars buy 31,900 baht per baht sold out 32,000 baht

– Gold ornaments: buy 31,320.50 baht per baht, sell 32,500 baht

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