Baichung Bhutia Football Academy to Launch in Kunnamkulam, Kerala

New Football Academy Set to Uplift Sports Training in Kunnamkulam

Kunnamkulam, August 5th, 2023 – In a bid to enhance the sports training facilities and opportunities in the region, Sports Minister V. Abdurrahiman has announced the establishment of a football academy in collaboration with renowned football player Baichung Bhutia. This exciting development is set to take place in the Kunnamkulam sports division under the esteemed sports department.

The highlight of this initiative is the introduction of a state-of-the-art football training facility located at the senior field under the Government Model Higher Secondary School. The lush grass field has attracted much attention and excitement, raising hopes of nurturing talented young footballers in the area.

To assess the grounds and facilities, Rakesh Radhakrishnan Sr., Manager of the Baichung Bhutia Football Academy, recently visited the site. He showed keen interest in understanding the admission process for children interested in joining the sports department and utilizing the hostels. Additionally, he inspected the newly constructed sports medicine center, which will further support the training program.

The collaboration between the Bhutia academy and the Kunnamkulam Sports Department is expected to be a game-changer for football in Kerala. It aims to identify and promote the most talented players to the national level. Minister Abdurrahiman expressed his confidence in the partnership, emphasizing the significant benefits it will bring to Kerala football.

The academy, set to commence operations at the end of this month, will initially focus on training aspiring youngsters in the Under-13 and Under-16 categories. With access to top-notch trainers, the Kunnamkulam Sports Department can attract the best young football enthusiasts in the region.

While the senior field boasts a magnificent grass pitch, there are certain limitations regarding additional facilities. Despite funding approval for the sports hostel, construction is yet to commence, and expediting the tendering process is crucial. Furthermore, the sports medicine center requires essential equipment and staff, including doctors, to offer comprehensive care.

The education and sports departments are urged to collaborate and make informed decisions regarding the selection, studies, and training of children for the academy. Plans for constructing a swimming pool and fitness center for ancillary training are still being considered. As the football academy takes root in Kunnamkulam, it is anticipated that steps will be taken to overcome these current limitations and propel the region’s sports development.

With a focused vision on nurturing young talents and fostering holistic growth, the new football academy in Kunnamkulam is set to become a symbol of excellence in sports training. It brings hope and excitement to aspiring football enthusiasts, while elevating the overall sports landscape in the region.

05 August 2023, 02:00 AM IST

The first phase of the training will be in the U-13 and U-16 categories

Sports Kids Division training at Kunnamkulam Senior Field

Kunnamkulam: Sports minister V. said that a football academy will be started in collaboration with football player Baichung Bhutia in Kunnamkulam sports division under the sports department. Expectations are high on Abdurrahiman’s announcement. The main attraction is the grass field in the senior field under the Government Model Higher Secondary School.

Following the Sports Minister’s announcement, Baichung Bhutia Football Academy Manager Rakesh Radhakrishnan Sr. visited the ground and assessed the facilities. He also inquired about the details of the children admitted to the sports department of the grounds and the hostels.

The building erected for the sports medicine center was also seen. With the advent of the Academy, the Kunnamkulam Sports Department can attract the best kids who are interested in football. The advantage is that you will also get the services of the best trainers.

The minister noted on social media that collaboration with Bhutia academy will be very beneficial for Kerala football and the best players can be found and promoted to the national level. According to the minister’s note, all support has been assured for Bhutia and his team and the academy will start functioning at the end of this month after the completion of the process. In the first phase, the training will be in the Under-13 and Under-16 categories.

Although there is a grass pitch, there are many limitations in the associated facilities in the higher ground. Although funds have been approved for the sports hostel, construction has not started. The tendering process for this needs to be speeded up. The sports medicine center lacks equipment and staff including doctors.

The education and sports departments should consult and make decisions regarding the selection of children for the academy, their studies and training. No final decision has been made to start construction of a swimming pool and fitness center for ancillary training. It is hoped that, with the arrival of the football academy, the steps to address the current restrictions will be accelerated.

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