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“Baifern” tag team “Mind” ready to break!! Go on a love mission “46 days, I will break the wedding”

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26 Jun 2021 07:45

The fans are looking forward to seeing the beautiful female protagonist. “Fern leaves – Pimchanok Rue Wisetpaiboon” tag team “Mind-Laphatsalal Jiravej Soonthornkul Tag a team together for the first crazy love mission!! who are ready to break all the rules with a mission to destroy the wedding in a new comedy series “46 days, I will break the wedding.” from “GMM TV” Chapter 2, a young protagonist Nangun-Chanon Santinatornkul, Off-Jumpol Adulkittiporn with many skilled actors overflowing the entire screen Ployphat-Patchthorn, Jenny Panan, Victor-Chachawit, Mike-Chinarat, Circe Apichaya, Jaturong Phonbun, Top-Daraneenut, etc.

Guaranteed fun by a skilled director “Gu-Exclusive Kasemsuk family” the story of Female woman (fern leaf) Net idols are underwhelmed because their fans have caught the pontoon until they almost run out of food. So I have to try to survive everything. Carrying myself is not enough. I also have to carry my girlfriend. Noi Na (Mind) A best friend since childhood and has the status of a creditor. female woman

Their lives seemed to change again when custard apple pushed to meet the man of his dreams Morkorn (Nakul) who is ready for everything The Heavenly Commander whispered through a fortune teller. custard apple that this year she will marry the most suitable person Doctor Stuck in only 46 days Doctor must marry Wisa famous high-class girlfriend (Ployphat)

which female woman and custard apple learned that the fake bride kept some clues Protecting a good man from the devil and ending with an angel like us begins, but there are still obstacles like Doctor Phat (Off) A close friend of Dr. Korn, who has been following with doubts about the 46-day mission, will be able to break the wedding? Who exactly will be the pontoon!? Come and win every Wednesday-Thursday at 8:30 p.m. on channel GMM25 and AIS PLAY starting July 7

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