Bait lodged in internal organs: The crocodile died after hours of suffering

Crocodile dies after swallowing fishermen’s bait The crocodile was found dead in Bali, Central America. This was confirmed by the Crocodile Research Coalition, a voluntary organization that works to protect crocodiles. The organization said that by the time the crocodile’s body was found, it had been dead for three days

The organization also advises that bait fishing in areas with different types of aquatic life can lead to similar incidents. The crocodile swallowed the bait used to catch the group’s fish. If such baits reach the stomach of crocodiles, they can penetrate the internal organs and cause serious injuries. Not only will one have to suffer excruciating pain but the internal organs will rupture and death will occur very slowly.

The body was found in a decomposed state. The dead crocodile was 11 feet long. American crocodiles are ahead in size. They grow up to 20 feet long and weigh up to 900 kg. They can be found in rivers, mangrove forests, and coastal backwaters. They can live in both fresh and salt water. But in Bali, they are included in the list of critically endangered species.

Illegal fishing, water pollution and habitat loss are the main reasons for their decline. But this is not the first time a crocodile has been found dead after being baited by a monkey. A similar incident happened in 2019. Marisa Telles, who studies crocodiles, says that a big problem is that those who commit such tragedies cannot be identified.

Only between 1,000 and 2,000 American crocodiles have been found in Mexico, Central America, and South America. Their habitat has been reported to be shrinking in areas other than Florida. The last census of American crocodiles in Belize was in 2000. It was found that there are only 250 crocodiles left in the country.

English Summary: Giant, Critically Endangered Crocodile Suffers a Slow, Agonizing Death

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