Bala Amrutha Suresh news: ‘Leave it alone, I have another life tomorrow’; Bala – never judge a person’s reaction when you don’t know what was the real action against him, actor bala shares a video on facebook

For the past few days, discussions about actor Bala, singer Amrita Suresh and daughter Avantika have been active on social media. The trouble started with the spread of fake news about her daughter Kovid. Bala and Amrita, who have been separated for a long time, took to social media with the video. Amrita said that it was Bala who spread such false news and that it was because Amrita did not tell him things clearly. Now, Bala has shared another video on Facebook.

who I am?

He said in the video that he was able to help many people during the Kovid era and thanked everyone who said kind words of encouragement when he did good things. But when a controversy arose, more and more people came forward with negative comments. That’s when the question of who I am came to me, says Bala.

You can’t stop me!

‘I am in Chennai now. I came to see my mother. Mother is fine. At least a few prayed for the mother. Thanks to them. I have something to say to those who hit the negative without showing their face. I will strongly return to Kerala. Good things will still be done. You can’t stop me. There are some things to keep in mind before putting on negative things.

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Help four people if you can

‘I have been able to do a lot of things in a short amount of time, including heart surgery, kidney transplants, spinal cord surgery, education and blood banking. Time is important, not money. Dedication is required. If at least two percent of you can do this in your personal life, you can say something negative about others. Then I will accept it sincerely. Do not hurt anyone. It’s bad, and many say the child is rude. What is action What is reaction, just leave it, I will have a different life tomorrow. It is my duty to do my duty, and after doing so, do not interfere in all this. Help four people if you can ‘, says Bala in the video.

Do not judge unknowingly

Do not judge a person by what he says without knowing the real situation and what he has experienced. Hate me, but I will love you, and I will protect you even if you beat me. Even if you pull it off, it will wrap you up. But don’t lie, the truth is that Bala has shared a video on Facebook about winning.

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