Bald Eagle Trio - 2 Males, 1 Women - The Parenting Church in Illinois

Listen to a live webcam of the bald eagle nest in Illinois, and you could see a rare sight: two black and one mom with three editions, the Washington Post.

The webcam is courtesy of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife Refuge, and an Audubon job explains how unusual the story is.

Men are usually associated with breeding purposes, making it very unusual for two of them to wind up.

But Valor I and Valor II have not only done so, they are collaborating with Starr female to parent the chickens. More than cooperation, in fact: both are dealing with Starr.

It is even more unusual: Here it is second the two men participate in a nest with – the first, Hope, who died a few years ago.

“Why don't the two men know and how they suffer the other person, or the parent of the chickens,” says Audubon. “But the young people are certainly benefiting from the extra series of eyes and sky that keeps watch and care.” T

A previous story of LiveScience tells the mating habits of bald eagles that “triads” have already been seen, but mainly relate to a male and two male. (Read more bald bald stories.)

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