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‘Bali Goddess’ Kahi, wearing a yellow bikini and showing off her S line… “Foul beauty”

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Singer Kahee Instagram capture © News 1

Kahi, a former member of the ‘Bali Goddess’ girl group After School, showed off her body in an attractive bikini swimsuit.

On the 22nd, Kahi posted on her SNS on the 22nd, “It’s only been a month since I came to Korea, but there will be three more months.” “I miss Bali!

In the photo released that day, Kahi is wearing a yellow bikini swimsuit and lying on a beach in Bali, taking a selfie.

Ka-hee’s beautiful facial features, boasting a copper-colored skin without a single make-up, and staring at the camera with an expressionless and chic (cool) gaze, are capturing the attention of the viewers.

In addition, the elastic and curvy S-line that cannot be found in the flesh and her sexy body line like a model are so perfect that it is unbelievable that she is a mother of two.

In addition, Kahi said, “Are you going to go to Bali when your tourist visa is released?” “Ask my sister. It’s delicious. I don’t know when it will be released, but I have to take care of it before I go. It’s winter, so it’s so easy to gain weight.” revealed

Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “It’s been a long time since I’ve heard of this. Nice to meet you”, “You are still so beautiful”, “Isn’t it a foul to look like this?”

Meanwhile, Kahi married a businessman Yang Jun-moo in 2016 and they have two sons. Kahi, who lived in Bali after marriage, has recently moved back and forth between Bali and Korea.

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