‘Balloon’ disrupts ‘Chinese Stocks’ market Guru is confident impact will only be short-lived

The hot topic of ‘balloons’ is troubling the market and ‘Chinese stocks’ are falling heavily after investors are spooked by the relationship between the two superpowers. Keep close to the position again and again believing that the effect is only a short-term effect While the Shanghai Composite Index fell -0.76% and the Hang Seng Index -2.02%.

The hot topic of ‘balloons’ is troubling the market and ‘Chinese stocks’ are falling heavily after investors are spooked by the relationship between the two superpowers. Keeping close to the situation again and again believing that the effect is only a short term effect

became a global hot topic that must be watched carefully again after the US found ‘Chinese balloons’ flying into US airspace with the claim that it was a spy balloon so it decided to shoot down In the middle a lot of dissatisfaction with China who came out to explain that the balloon is a private company’s aerial monitoring balloon. It is not a spy balloon at all.

such matters How is the truth, no one knows. But fears are rising around the world as relations between the two economic giants appear to have improved in recent months. had to decline again from this incident

As of yesterday (February 6, 2023), the Shanghai Composite Index dropped to close at 3,238.72 points, down 24.71 points or -0.76%, while the Hang Seng Index closed at 21,222.16 points, down 438.31 points or -2.02%

However, fund managers are not complacent and are wary of the situation as well. but he analyzed that It seems that it only has a short term effect.

Bodin Putta-In, Director of the Investment Strategies Division. Mr TMB Asset Management East Spring said that the situation that happened to the company was not calm. kept a close eye on events and followed up on them because he wanted to be clear about that Is it really intentional to launch a balloon to spy? Although the Chinese official has come out to explain that It’s just a private one, not a spy balloon. But at the moment, there are still no clear measures.

In this regard, in the general picture of the investment market From this situation, it was seen that It is only a short-term effect, 1-2 days only. Investors who speculate, please slow down their investment . For investors focused on medium to long term investment, this is a good opportunity to accumulate.

However, medium term investment, the situation between China and the United States is considered Again not the main idea that will affect the investment And it is expected that it will not be as serious as Russia-Ukraine because what is important now is more related to fundamental factors, it is seen that US inflation has started to fall. Published US GDP is improving. should give more weight to medium-long distances

while in Asia, the atmosphere of investment after some adjustments After Friday (February 3, 2023), which is not mainly from the balloon case But it is a matter of various Chinese policies that have caused the market to rise previously fast and strong. so he started to see profitable sales coming out So, only a small adjustment has been made.

Nathee Baicharoen, Deputy Director of Investment Products and Strategy. Mr. Pine Wealth Solution Securities Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of One Asset Management Co., Ltd., added that This is a short-term effect. Because if you look at the overall picture of the Chinese economy, it’s still more interesting than the US side. After the Chinese people received the COVID-19 vaccine and opened up the country

Although the thing to keep an eye on is March, especially China’s economic policies. with a new economic committee that today began to see some signs For example, the Chinese government has announced measures to lend to small and medium businesses. and personal loans at relatively low interest rates So it can be seen that China has started to have measures to stimulate the country’s economy.

Bank of China (BOC) and China Construction Bank (CCB), the country’s second-largest commercial banks, are offering retail lending products at special rates, Bloomberg News reported. in order to join the government in building the economic base to return to stability and greatness as before

The stimulus package includes borrowing at a special interest rate. and providing incentives in the form of vouchers for purchases on e-commerce platforms, etc.

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