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“Bam Bam”, a former little boy, washes dishes to help his mother sell curry rice. To Inter Korean Idol

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from this event It caused non-stop criticism, most recently, today, Sept. 12, on the way.The online world has also shared posts from Facebook user Jane Phetsuwan. that gotpost impressiontowards “Bambam Kanpimuk” 3 years ago, stated

“7 years ago, a new curry restaurant opened near the factory in Ramintra 34 area. It was a small shop. A big lady with clean skin. Uncle must ask to taste the craftsmanship. and talked with the seller until they were familiar I want to leave my stomach every day. Because it’s not a normal curry rice. Let me tell you. talk for a while So I learned that his son was one of the dancers of the We Zaa cool team.”

Uncle knows it. When I say the name “Bam”, Uncle Rong Oh. It’s the LG contest, right? Yes, Mom nodded. Actually, my mother came from a wealthy family. Used to run a Japanese restaurant business. but from the departure of his father knock down business family to fight Mother Joom said that Now that my son is a JYP trainee, I’m still not sure how far I can go.

Uncle told Mother Joom that Look at the future for sure. There was a moment when the younger came back to visit her mother. Let me take some pictures. Come help mom sell rice. Take a plate of rice to wash without being embarrassed. Uncle tells Bam that he will be patient and fight so that he can raise his mother comfortably. Sister smiles, nods. Mother will be fine for sure. So when will uncle be able to see you close like this again? have a big laugh

Mother Joom makes kimchi, a very cool recipe. Let me tell you. Always let uncle come to eat Uncle likes to give money for rice regularly. said to deposit first In case of days when there is no money, they will come to ask for free food. After about a month, my mother didn’t sell any rice, so we were really happy with his family. get something to the end Doing the job that I like. It’s happy. Bam found myself since I was a kid. Mother paved the way very well BamBam Got7

Thank you for the photos and information from FB Jane Phetsuwan.


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