BamBam announces 2nd Mini Album ‘B’ Ahgase screams together on January 18th.

After last June, BamBam started his activities as a solo artist of ABYSS Company, with the release of the 1st Mini Album ‘riBBon’, showing off his charming energy. and tell about the needs A new beginning through lyrics Which was a huge success. BamBam’s 1st Mini Album has sold as high as 100,000 albums, is No. 1 on the iTunes Chart in 34 countries, and has more than 60 million views on the MV. This is another step forward. of BamBam as a solo artist And at the end of last year, BamBam reinforced its success with the release of the pre-single ‘Who Are You’ under the concept of Black & White, allowing fans to see the difference. and more growth which received a response from the fans Well, not losing the previous work at all.


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