BamBam Takes Action Against Ticket Scalping and System Manipulation for Concert Tickets

BamBam Takes Action Against Ticket Scalping and Fraudulent Activity

Concert ticket purchases can sometimes be a disappointing and frustrating experience, particularly when faced with exorbitant prices and limited availability. However, the latest incident involving BamBam’s highly anticipated concert in Bangkok, titled “THE 1ST IN THE WORLD [AREA 52],” saw the artist take matters into his own hands to defend his loyal fans.

Reports flooded in from distraught fans who encountered difficulties securing tickets for BamBam’s second concert across various zones, with the VVIP section being particularly affected. Not only were individuals able to surpass the ticket allocation set by the system, but it became apparent that some were exploiting the situation for financial gain. Selling these coveted tickets at inflated prices, scalpers saw profits soar into the tens of thousands.

In an unexpected turn of events, on September 23, 2023, BamBam publicly addressed the issue on Twitter, urging those who received multiple VVIP cards to scrutinize their source. Expressing his belief that someone within the ticketing system was engaged in covert fraudulent activity, BamBam sparked further intrigue and concern among fans.

His swift response and unwavering dedication to the wellbeing of his supporters garnered immense praise and admiration. Fans extolled BamBam’s kindness and attentiveness, grateful for his role as a representative in raising important questions surrounding this pressing issue. They eagerly await a prompt explanation from the concert ticket website, demanding transparency and accountability.

BamBam hijacks website to get concert tickets After someone posted selling tickets at exorbitant prices Also, he was able to weigh more than the limit. He said he should check, wondering if someone inside was cheating’ n confidential or not?

I believe that many people have had the experience of pressing for concert tickets that were not impressive. As well as not being able to press in time You still have to feel hurt because someone is selling your card for more than the price. Also, some people can withdraw more than the amount specified by the website. This problem occurs frequently in almost all concerts. and is not seriously resolved.

Latest press for BamBam concert tickets THE 1ST IN THE WORLD [AREA 52] in BANGKOK also facing this problem, but this works “Bambam” The artist who owns the concert refuses to stay still. He came out to defend the rights of fans himself

Many fans vented and reported problems with pressing tickets for BamBam’s 2nd concert in many zones, which sold out quickly, especially in the VVIP zone, where fans found that some people were able to press tickets beyond to the number specified by the system. And most importantly, it seems that these boys did not intend to push to see the concert seriously. But pressed to sell for a profit. which sometimes has a high price increase From thousands to tens of thousands

Latest (23 September 2023) Bam BamCame out to post on Twitter Card press web tag Ready to say “Those who have received many VVIP cards should check.” a “I believe someone in your system is secretly cheating.”

This incident made fans I’m very proud of BamBam’s kindness and care. Along with not forgetting to thank you for helping to be a spokesperson and seriously question this issue. The artist has come out and said as much. The concert ticket website should come out and provide an explanation as soon as possible.

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