Ban Muang – Amazed by the achievements of Thai scientists first time in the world

Wednesday, 01 December 2021, 6:09 p.m.

Shocked by the success of Thai scientists first time in the world

innovative immunotherapy help infected HIV/AIDS does not require medication.

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, December 1, 2021, the innovative research project for immunotherapy, Operation BIM, Asian Phytozoologicals Public Company Limited or APCO, which is committed to developing innovative formulas for immunotherapy from edible plants. to help patients with severe illnesses out of suffering Announcing the progress of research results in the latest innovations in immunotherapy that is good news and create a new history for science research and development in Thailand that today has taken another step forward And it is the hope of people living with HIV/AIDS around the world that it will succeed in using innovative formulas for immunotherapy from edible plants. More than 2,000 people with HIV/AIDS who have come in for advice have come to help rehabilitate the health of HIV/AIDS patients who have come in for advice using innovative immunotherapy. The virus has been successful. For the first time in the world without detecting infection continuously for a period of 1 year

Prof. Dr. Pichet Wiriyachitra, Head of Operation BIM Research Team and Chief Executive Officer of Asian Phyto Suticals Public Company Limited or APCO, which is a 100% Thai company, said that success this time It is of great significance to mankind. especially the critically ill patients and people with HIV/AIDS who currently number up to 38 million people worldwide and more than 500,000 people in Thailand In the past, those infected with these terrible diseases There are no other treatment options. In addition to taking antiretroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS for the rest of your life, because if you stop taking antiretroviral drugs, when you stop taking antiretroviral drugs, the disease will multiply in the body. While many infected people suffer from side effects of antiviral drugs on the central nervous system. Cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, urinary tract muscle and bone Skin and soft tissues Endocrine glands

From studying the mechanism of action of immune white blood cells Especially the Th1 and Th17 white blood cells that, if activated, will cause Killer T Cells or killer T cells that are like knight cells of the body. To be strong, able to act to eliminate and destroy harmful germs in the body more efficiently Without destroying other good white blood cells. In 2010, Operation BIM researchers teamed up with Chiang Mai University to prove that one formula developed by enhancing the effects of extracts from 5 types of edible plants is mangosteen leaves. Gotu Kola, guava, soybean and black sesame seeds can significantly stimulate Th1 white blood cells. and stimulating Th17 white blood cells prominently Which has resulted in the efficiency of Killer T Cell (killer T cells), therefore it has been successfully used for rehabilitation and health care of cancer patients. It then took another step forward in research and development of innovative immunotherapy formulations to destroy HIV/AIDS embedded in CD4 immune cells while simultaneously destroying HIV/AIDS. with embedded cells until the infection is not detected continuously in the end

For the latest advances in research results in immunotherapy innovations to help people with HIV/AIDS, Prof. Dr. Pichet Wiriyachitra said that this was due to his determination to overcome new challenges. that it can help people with HIV/AIDS who have been using antiretroviral drugs for some time To be able to reduce and stop antiviral drugs or not? by the latest research results that are considered a significant achievement in the world and is considered a new chapter in history transcending old beliefs It was found that 3 infected volunteers who participated in the immunotherapy program for 1-2 years and consulting via Remote Monitoring system were able to stop taking ART for 1-12 months and were in good health. Without detecting HIV/AIDS, it is the first 3 people infected with HIV in the world to be able to stop using antiretroviral drugs successfully.

Earlier in 2020, Operation BIM researchers announced the world’s first success. with the introduction of innovative immune therapy from edible plants It was used in 8 HIV/AIDS-infected volunteers who had not received any antiretroviral therapy who were healthy, fit and undetectable for 20-30 months. In good health for 7 years, some have stopped using innovative immunotherapy for 1 year and are still very healthy as before.

James, who has stopped ART for a total of 12 months, from December 2020 to November 2021, being the first in the world, said he was diagnosed with HIV and started taking the drug. Anti-virus in July 2017 After 2 years of antiviral medication, he developed hypercholesterolemia. Numbness of the hands and feet, high liver values, muscle weakness Allergies, frequent colds, insomnia Participated in the project to use innovative immunotherapy in July 2019 The last blood test result, CD4, was 724 cells/ and remained undetectable. as strong as a normal person The ultimate goal is to keep your body free of HIV.

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, December 1, 2021, Operation BIM innovative immunotherapy research project, Asian Phytomedicals Public Company Limited (APCO) has also announced the establishment of a counseling center for people living with HIV/ AIDS around the world through Remote Monitoring. Ready to open to the new generation of scientists and researchers. In addition, Prof. Dr. Phichet also donated 1 million baht to support the operations of the Children’s Rights Foundation, Baan Gerda, Lopburi Province, which takes care of children. orphans infected with HIV/AIDS Over the past several years, the company has undertaken a CSR project. Bringing innovative immunotherapy to help make the children stay healthy.

“I also want to understand to society that HIV is not a nasty disease. And now we have a way to control it. If we can take care of him until he could not detect the infection continuously to be considered normal When he is healed, he must be given the opportunity to accept him into society. is the next important force of the country.”

For more than 15 years, the innovative research project on immune therapy from edible plants, Operation BIM (Balancing Immunity), has been in collaboration with educational institutions. and many government agencies such as Chiang Mai University National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA). In 2015, the National Innovation Agency also announced the certification Innovative immune therapy with edible plant extracts, APCOcap is a national innovation. For increasing the quality of life of people living with HIV and in 2016 received an outstanding innovation award from the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Including being invited to give a lecture at the EuroScicon 2019 global conference in the Netherlands. To announce the success of HIV in the world to be peaceful or Functional Cure for the first time in the world.


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