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Ban Muang – APCO announces the success of innovative edible plants to fight HIV

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Tuesday, 27 July 2021, 1:46 p.m.

APCO announces success in edible plant innovation to fight HIV

APCO has successfully used immunotherapy. Causing the HIV infection to become ineffective, a total of 9 in Thailand before other researchers around the world

Prof. Dr. Pichet Wiriyachitra, Chief Executive Officer of Asian Phyto Naturals Public Company Limited or APCO, the owner of natural innovations for health and beauty through research, development, production and distribution of full range, revealed that APCO researchers have successfully used immunotherapy to sterilize HIV-infected people in Thailand before other researchers around the world.

Immunotherapy with edible plant extracts can make people infected both those who have not used antidepressants Nine of those who had been using antidepressants for several years developed HIV inactivity, and two of them had been undetected for many years, concluding that they were HIV-free.

This milestone has made history the first treatment for HIV/AIDS in the world. An easy way and without side effects is immune therapy with edible plant extracts. Give the infected person enough immunity to get rid of HIV completely and never come back.

“On the day APCO was listed on the SET on May 14, 2018, I announced my determination that APCO will be the most innovative company in the care of HIV/AIDS that outperforms any company. In the world’s stock exchanges, today APCO has reached that aspiration. and plans to bring this innovation to benefit people living with HIV/AIDS both in Thailand and other countries around the world.” Prof. Dr. Pichet said

Since the discovery of HIV 39 years ago, scientists around the world have been trying to come up with a vaccine. to prevent infection and invented drugs to treat infections But until now it has not succeeded. can only use anti-HIV drugs Suppressing the spread of the infection not to spread only, which anti-HIV drugs can cause unwanted side effects for both short-term and long-term users. and shortened the lifespan of those taking antidepressants by an average of nine years.

However, the infected person cannot stop taking anti-HIV drugs because once they stop using the virus, the number will quickly increase to 1,000 times. And if you can’t control It will reduce the immune system. Turns into AIDS, which eventually leads to death from opportunistic infectious diseases.

In recent years, researchers around the world have been trying to find new ways to replace the use of anti-HIV drugs by keeping the amount of infection to a minimum until it is undetectable and does not cause symptoms of the disease. This so-called HIV functional cure, or HIV inactivity, has so far been unsuccessful, but APCO has done so. And some in this group are already sterile.

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