Ban Muang – Department of Land Transport – Viriya Insurance “Invite a free car inspection” New Year’s Festival 65

Friday, 03 December 2021, 7:09 p.m.

Department of Land Transport – Viriyah Insurance “Invite a free car inspection” New Year’s Festival 65

Department of Land Transport together with Viriyah Insurance integrated safety campaignto use the car on the road, organized the activity “Free car check, safe driving” aiming to reduce accidentsNew Year’s festival 2022 to make people aware ofthe importance of preparationCheck the condition of the car before leaving. Ready to provide car inspection serviceFree introductory 20 items at Viriya Insurance Standard Repair Center32 locations in Bangkok and its vicinity from today until 30 Dec.

Ms. Kanda Wattanayingsomsuk Manufacturer Marketing ConsultantCar dealers and dealers Viriya Insurance Public Company Limited said that while the situation spread.The Covid-19 epidemic will continue, but the government hasto ease measuresPeople can travel more. under the implementation of the measuresstrict public health which during the New Year festivalDuring this long holiday, the company is concerned about the people who have to walk.on the road back to the domicile orprovincial tourism Therefore, in order to give happinessb and as a new year gift tofor the people, the company has joined with Department of Land Transport organizes activities “Free car check, safe driving, New Year Festival 2022” to make people aware of the importance ofof car maintenancein a ready-to-use condition beforeas well as create a driving awarenesssafely to reduce the rate of accidentson the road to reduce

In this regard, Viriyah Insurance customersand the general public Able to bring a car in for serviceInitial condition check withoutThere are 20 items of any expenses such as checking the engine oil level, checking the condition of the tires, checking the working condition of the lights.power and signal lights Check the distilled water level in the battery.Battery terminals, brakes, clutch checks, engine performance checks at the Viriya Insurance Standard Repair Centeraffixed to the public relations label“Free Car Check, Safe Driving, New Year Festival 2022” with free souvenirs! Cloth bag “CARE INSURANCE” when registering for a survey which can receive serviceFrom now until December 30, 2021

For standard Viri repair centersInsurance term that joinsIncluding the project to provide free car inspection at 32 locations, namely 1) Ruammit Garage 2) New Puean Yont Co., Ltd. 3) Thairat Yanyon Co., Ltd. 4) Ngamwongwan Car Care Ltd., 5) Ngamchai Rattanathibet Co., Ltd. 6) Charoenkit Auto Service Co., Ltd. 7) Charoenkit Ratchapruek Co., Ltd. 8) Circuit Tiwanon Co., Ltd. 9) Kung Garage Co., Ltd. 10) U Namchai Taopoon Co., Ltd. 11) Circuit Service Co., Ltd. 12) Garage Co., Ltd. Kangwanchaikarnchang Co., Ltd. 13) Wichaiyon Co., Ltd. 14) Subsit Car Inter Co., Ltd. 15) Thewin Car Center Co., Ltd. 16) Boss 888 Garage Co., Ltd. 17) Thanaphat Auto Center Co., Ltd. 18) Phe Perfect Speed ​​Line Co., Ltd. 19) Sorot Dhanabodee Co., Ltd. 20) Chedi Auto Service Limited Partnership 21) Penggarage Partnership 22) J.S. Intergroup Co., Ltd. 23) U S S. Intergroup Co., Ltd. 24) Rungcharoen Body Clinic Co., Ltd. 25) Sukhumvit AT Service Company 26) Sutin Car Service Limited Partnership 27) Heng Body Car Service Co., Ltd. 28) Wongsirilert Car Co., Ltd. Service (19 97) Co., Ltd. 29) Charoenpan Yontarakit Service Co., Ltd. 30) Natee Inter Service Co., Ltd. Branch 1 31) Maeklong Garage Co., Ltd. 32) A. Pipatyont (1989) Co., Ltd.


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