Ban Muang – Thai floorball hit New Zealand 10-1 Open the Asian match, hunt for tickets to the World Championships

Tuesday, May 31, 2022, 5:34 PM.

Thai floorball hits New Zealand 10-1 Open the Asian match, hunt for tickets to the World Championships

The 2022 Asian Men’s Floorball Championship at the OCBC Arena, Singapore on 31 May. The Hockey Association of Thailand has sent a team to participate in the competition from the support of the company. PTT Public Company Limited with 8 nations participating in the competition, consisting of Sai A. There are South Korea, the Philippines, Australia and Japan. Sabi. There are Thailand, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore. This program will select 3 countries. The best traveled to the World Floorball Championships. in switzerland in this Nov.

For the competition on the first day with the opening match Datuk Srichaipak Siriwat, President of the Asia-Oceania Floorball Confederation Was the chairman of the opening match of South Korea, losing 2-3 to the Philippines, after which it was the first match of Thailand in the first match with the New Zealand national team. Competing for 15 minutes per period, totaling 3 times, in which the Thai floorball team transports players who have the right to travel to compete in the World Games. In Birmingham, Alabama, United States of America in July, the field is complete, with Kenneth Goh Bunhock as coach, starting the game. The Thai team that played the game better than New Zealand opened the door to score quickly from the 1st minute. The Thai supporters were happy when Santipong Sukkasem fired for Thailand to lead 1-0. Then, in the 5th minute, Thailand got an additional goal from the shot. Repeated by Teerawat Noisai, Thailand led New Zealand 2-0. 4 minutes later, Alexander fired a quick New Zealand goal, rounding the ball in through Wirasak Phimpha, scoring the ball into the corner of the goal, leading Thailand to 3-0. Before Veerasak Phimpha came to score another goal for himself in the 13th minute, resulting in the first period, Thailand took the lead 4-0.

Entering the period of two floorballs, the Thai team, the more they play, the better it is, like practicing for a long time, looking at them, Simon Johansson scored two goals in the 16th and 22nd minutes, Thailand led 6-0 and in the 23rd minute Alexandra Der took the ball away from the New Zealand players to make a heavy foul. The referee blew a penalty. Pawat Thaidit, the captain of the team, was responsible for killing the ball into the goal without problems. Thailand took the lead 7-0, then in the 24th minute, Riam Born Sawangwong also fired for Thailand to lead New Zealand to 8-0. Time passed only 40 seconds. New Zealand came well. The goal of the egg was broken from the shot of Benjamin McKibbin, New Zealand chasing 1-8, but in the 29th minute Riam was born. Sawangwong Come to shoot at the end of the second period, causing Thailand to lose to 9-1 and the third period, Thailand, starting to support the game, collecting the main players and relaxing the game to score one more goal in the 43rd minute from Surapong Sangmongkol’s shot, the timer expires The men’s floorball team opened the auspicious match, defeating New Zealand 10-1.

After the game Lt. Gen. Chanchaiyot Attsuwee, the team manager of the Thai men’s national floorball team, said that today the Thai team can play according to the game Kenneth Goh Bunhoek, head coach of the national team. Thailand, who considered us lucky to get a goal early in the first minute, therefore relieved the pressure to score a goal. And most importantly, New Zealand tried to play the first fast game with us, but the Thai team cut all the games until they were able to score continuously. until we lead Importantly, try to emphasize with the team not to underestimate their opponents because all nations who travel to compete in this tournament hope to win quotas to compete in the World Floorball Championships in Switzerland at the end of November. this every team And our next goal is to keep winning every match to be number 1 in the next group.

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