Bandai Bar’s Spectacular Behind-the-Scenes: A Close-Up Look at ‘7 Days before Valentine’ with Main Actors Q and Sunshine

Bandai Bar, a burgeoning player in the entertainment industry, extends an exclusive invitation to generous sponsors and esteemed media personnel to venture behind the scenes of their upcoming series “7 Days before Valentine.” This rare opportunity grants an up-close encounter with the vibrant atmosphere of the set and a chance to engage in meaningful dialogues with the lead actors.

The scene in question holds immense significance as it reunites Jet-Somjate Sae Chang, portraying the character Q, and Atom-Nathaphop Kenchantuk, embodying Sunshine. Their characters are brought back together amidst a whirlwind of transformation, triggered by Sun’s fervent prayers for the gods to eradicate Rain’s ex-lover, played by Tang-Ekadanai Jaisa-ad. Sun’s wish is a desperate plea for Rain’s affection to be rekindled. However, Heulwen, a key character, unexpectedly learns a profound lesson from this turn of events.

The drama set brims with an electric ambiance as members of the media strive to inspire and nurture emerging talents. The invitation stands extended for a glimpse behind the scenes, while fans eagerly prepare to illuminate the sky with celebratory fireworks when “7 Days before Valentine” premieres in mid-November on Channel One31.

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Bandai Bar, a new company in the entertainment industry Invite generous sponsors and media to visit the set of The series “7 Days before Valentine” for the first time to capture the atmosphere behind the scenes up close and talk to the main actors. Where this scene is considered an important scene that brings the main actors of the story Q, played by Jet-Somjate Sae Chang and Sunshine, played by Atom-Nathaphop Kenchantuk, back to see the changes that happening After Sun prayed for the death of the gods to make Rain’s ex-lover, played by Tang-Ekadanai Jaisa-ad, disappear from life. The reason for making a wish is simply to hope that rain will return to love it as before. But that’s where Heulwen learns an unexpected lesson. The atmosphere of the drama set was full of mass media. who encouraged talented young actors Just behind the scenes, still inviting to follow this way When the drama is actually on air, fans prepare to light fireworks to celebrate the bang of course with the series “7 Days before Valentine” (7 days before Valentine’s Day) airs in mid-November on Channel One31.

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