BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has newly released a common “game commentary policy”. “THE IDOLM @ STER” series and “Tales of Arise” also changed to new policy

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment will release videos, distributions, still images, etc. using game titles owned by the company on Wednesday, January 26.“Let’s play game”RegardingNew policy pageWas released. In the future, individual fans, including sole proprietors, will be able to freely carry out live game activities by observing the contents described on the policy page.

However, the page also includes a description that “the game commentary policy etc. may be set for each title”, in which case the individual policy will be applied instead of this policy.

Along with this announcement, a training simulation game“THE IDOLM @ STER” seriesAnd RPG“Tales of Arise”For titles such as, the rules have been changed from the individual game commentary policy to this policy. Be careful to check the policy again if you are currently playing the title of Bandai Namco Entertainment as a video contributor, distributor, or influencer, as other titles may have changed the policy. I want to be.

In addition, YouTube’s “Super Chat” and other officially provided “throwing money” functions are available.“Use for profit”Although it does not correspond to, it is necessary to be careful because it is “use for profit” using external extension software.

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Click here for the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment game commentary policy page
Click here for announcements regarding policy changes for the “THE IDOLM @ STER” series



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