Bandai Namco has sent an apology to players after Tales of Symphonia Remastered experienced performance issues.

Friday, March 3rd, 2023, 10:52:16 am Indochina time

Bandai Namco sent an apology to players from Symphony Legends Remastered For major performance issues with the multi-platform update released last week. The developer has announced the launch of the game. RPG classic version Remastered late last year by bringing fan favorite games to a more modern platform.

Symphony Legends Remastered was officially released on PS4, Nintendo Switch a Xbox One last week After its release, players have reported a number of performance issues with the updated version. Players have confirmed issues ranging from missing textures and long loading times. for the game to crash several times

The problem with the game has become so serious Bandai Namco has issued an apology on the account Tweet official and mentioned Legends of Symphony version Nintendo Switch For any ongoing game performance issues. He confirms that he is currently researching fixes for many technical bugs in the game. This will immediately notify players of updates for future reviews.

Symphony Legends Remastered Available now on PS4, NintendoSwitch, Xbox One a Xbox Series X/S