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“Bang Khae area market” announced the closure of 7 places in a row for 14 days.

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Bang Khae District Office Announced to close 7 markets in a row for 14 days after finding more than 10% of covids in each market Improve sanitation to meet standards

June 29, 2021 The situation of the epidemic in many fresh markets in the dark red province is still widespread and worrying. Recently, the Facebook page “Bang Khae District Office” posted a message informing close the market Bang Khae area continued for 14 days due to a 100% proactive screening test to find infected people with the virus.Covid-19 More in the market in the Bang Khae area. More than 10% of cases are found in each market, and sanitation checks in many markets are not up to standard.

Therefore, the Bang Khae District Office therefore consider closing the market in Bang Khae area Continue for 14 days to disinfect and clean. Collect results of sanitation inspections and improvements in the market to be in line with the standards.

In this regard,Kitti Market Bang Khae New Market Bang Khae Shopping Center Market andPhasom Market Still incomplete screening results If there is a 100% test result, it may be considered to continue opening

Market closed until 6 July 2021

  • Sirisetthanon Market 1
  • Sirisetthanon Market 2
  • Bang Khae New Market
  • Kitti Market
  • Bang Khae Shopping Center Market

Market closed until 9 July 2021

  • Wonder Market
  • Phasom Market

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