bang while trying to pick up a bullet… 19-year-old shooting champ shot dead in his stomach

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World junior skeet shooting champion dies in accident

British media The Sun reported on the 7th (local time) that Christian Gilli (19), an Italian junior shooter, died around 10 pm on the 22nd of last month.

According to reports, Gili and her friends were felony while hunting in a forest near Montecatini, Italy.

At the time, Gili bent down to pick up the ammunition and accidentally shot a bullet in the stomach. An ambulance was dispatched to the call from friends nearby.

Gili was taken to a hospital in Tuscany, where he underwent an operation immediately, but he could not stop the internal bleeding and he died a day later.

The doctor who performed Gilly’s operation explained that he had done everything he could to stop the bleeding, but that he had already bled too much.

'Tang' trying to pick up a bullet...  19-year-old shooting champ shot dead in his own stomach

After hearing the news, Luciano Rossi, president of the Italian Shooting Federation, issued a statement mourning, saying, “Our skeet shooting prospect has left us in an unexpected accident.”

Gili, a prospect in skeet shooting, won the gold medal in individual, team and mixed events at the European Championships in Osijek, Croatia in May last year. He also finished third in the individual event at the World Cup held in Lima, Peru in October and won a gold medal in team and mixed events.

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