Bangkok add 16 COVID cases, indicating unstable situation Must be concentrated to prevent “COVID” continue

January 21, 2021 Facebook page “Bangkok By the public relations office “ Post a message notifying the situation of Coronavirus 2019, or COVID-19 Recently, 16 new patients were found with various information reports, details stating …

Press conference of the COVID-19 Situation Management Center (FBC) Thursday, January 21, 2021 from 11:30 a.m. – 12.00 p.m. at Santi Maitri Building. Government House

Situation of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)

– around the world 671,198 new cases, 97,306,536 cumulative cases, 17,299 deaths, 2,083,257 total mortality patients.

– Thailand 142 new cases, including 12,795 cumulative cases (8,558 new cases), 9,842 healed cases, 2,882 still cured, no additional deaths. The death toll was 71 in total.

– Bangkok 16 new cases, including 2,169 cumulative cases (635 new cases)

Orders from the meeting of the BC.

1. Situation of 142 new cases today, which are divided into 125 cases in the country, 88 of them from surveillance and service systems (with a history of going to a risky location). Have a risky career Or previous contact) and from proactive search for 37 cases of infectious infections in the community and 17 of those from foreign countries, were patients who came from abroad and entered all types of quarantine facilities (Quarantine Facilities).

11 people in critical condition are now in need of a ventilator, and public health agencies in all areas are fully equipped to treat critically ill cases. The graph shows the number.Patients from surveillance and community search and service systems Downward direction But today soared Is what shows that The situation is not still. Therefore need to continue strict preventive and disease control measures

The provinces where COVID-19 cases were found Currently, it is distributed in 63 provinces, with Chiang Rai as the latest province.

2. Number of new infected people in the country and accumulate new waves. From December 18, 2020 to January 21, 2021, there were 8,005 infected cases, with Bangkok found 16 new cases of domestic infections. From going to vulnerable areas Have a risky career Or contact with 14 previous patients, 7 were female, age 24 – 62 years old, 7 men, 5 months old, 56 years old, 13 Thai nationals, 1 foreign worker with symptoms 7 and 7 asymptomatic; Two cases of proactive screening were male. Both were 37 years and 39 years old. They were foreign beauties. And no symptoms

In Bangkok, new cases are still found continuously. Partly because people still travel in various places, which must be taken into account various measures to reduce travel, like in Samut Sakhon province.

3. At the meeting, NCCC analyzes data on many issues, found that there are cases of migrant workers in the area. Ratchaburi Province, infected with COVID-19 From traveling to work in Samut Sakhon, which is a trip to work across provinces with a travel permit The case suggests that proactive detection measures should be continued in the community. Because travel prohibition measures may not be 100% effective by requesting public cooperation If you have symptoms, ask them to get tested for COVID-19 immediately.

Including surveillance of COVID-19 infection. In malaysia Which requires cooperation of Thai workers Request to suspend travel to prevent the spread of the epidemic into the country The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has closely monitored the situation.

4. Analysis of patient tracking data set confirming disease.COVID-19 The first case of a new outbreak in Nakhon Phanom province found that the surveillance and proactive search systems were effective in disease prevention and control. The first patient was a 51-year-old female occupation of food sales. Infected from friends traveling from Bangkok. When examining the disease, it was found that It has been linked to infection from a casino in Rayong province, 10 people at high risk are currently screened with negative results, while those with low risk are undergoing ongoing screening.

5.Analysis of a data set comparing deaths from the COVID-19 epidemic In the first wave and the new wave (from 15 Dec ’20 20 Jan ’64), it was found that in the first wave, 4,237 cases died of 60 cases, the rate of morbidity was 1.42% while the new wave had 8,416 cases died. 11 cases, 0.13% morbidity rate, and the new wave of violence was less than the first wave.

While the mean age of the deceased was not much different. In the first wave, the average age was 58 years (28 85 years). The new wave mean age 56 years (44 87 years) were more males than females. And most of them are people with a history of diabetes and high blood pressure.

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