Bangkok Bank joins the booth to promote the concept of “Creating Value for a Sustainable Future” at the APEC 2022 conference

It can be said at the APEC Economic Leaders Meeting between 14-19 November 2022 that there are many stories worth following. such as meetings among group leaders Discussion to find conclusions on important issues and beyond the conference period Equally interesting is the activity booth created by the collaboration of many partner organisations. which combines power to show potential in various areas of Thailand to be seen internationally by “Bangkok Bank”, the main financial institution of the country and is recognized at a regional level. Official Communication Partner of APEC 2022 Thailand also joined the booth at the event. ready to introduce the concept “Creating Value for a Sustainable Future” (Creating Value for a Sustainable Future) brings customers to the door of trade and investment opportunities. through a comprehensive service network Connecting regional financial infrastructure creating balanced growth Taking into account all stakeholders. for sustainable growth

The theme of APEC 2022 is “Open. Contact Balance.” ‘Being open, building relationships, connecting each other to balance’ This will be a guide for sustainable coexistence between member countries. It aims to communicate that it is a bank that is more than just a financial services provider. which are divided into the following subjects:

“OPEN” Bangkok Bank is ready to open all opportunities. With a policy to promote regional economic integration to create opportunities for all sectors of society. by Bangkok Bank as a strong financial institution in supporting comprehensive financial services With a wide international branch network of more than 300 branches covering 14 major economic regions of the world, especially in ASEAN countries The Bank has branches covering 9 countries out of 10 member countries, which means that the Bank’s potential is ready to welcome investors from all over and ready to help develop and grow as intended.

Bangkok Bank “CONNECT” is ready for seamless financial connectivity. Currently, the bank is able to conveniently and securely provide cross-border payment services in the region through the Cross-Border QR Payment system, a payment service between Thailand and 5 neighboring countries in ASEAN, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and Cambodia • and cross-border services through their own funds. This system will improve the financial infrastructure between regions to a more uniform standard. Bangkok Bank also acts as a settlement bank (a bank responsible for international transactions) for payments between Thailand-Vietnam and Thailand-Indonesia.

Bangkok Bank’s “BALANCE” places great importance on balanced growth rather than profit seeking. by conducting business with responsibility for all sectors Dealing with the dimensions of the environment, society and governance (Environment, Social and Governance – ESG) through various policies. For example, providing financial support on an ongoing basis to organizations or projects that promote the environment (Green Funding) nationally and regionally. by being a leading guarantor of environmentally friendly bonds and sustainable bonds Including supporting important sustainable energy projects. Many other projects such as clean energy development across Asia. Including the electric car business, electric car battery and mass transport system In addition, the Bank places importance on creating a balance in the social dimension. In terms of lifestyles and the preservation of arts and culture through various projects, such as the Bualuang Community to Solve Drought project. Protect and promote Thai arts and culture youth development and promote educational opportunities through the competition “Bualuang Painting” Consecutive for 43 years

In addition to presenting the principles of sustainable business operations through booth activities at the event Bangkok Bank also plays an important role as a public relations partner in hosting the APEC meeting. Bangkok Bank Public Company Limited has revealed “It is a good opportunity for Thailand to have the honor of hosting the APEC 2022 meeting and it is a good opportunity for Bangkok Bank to be one of the representatives of Thai businesses. be a representative to welcome representatives from member countries And most importantly, it is also a platform to showcase the business potential of a financial institution of Thai people that is strong and can stand up as Proudly named “Regional Leading Bank ” along with the spirit of being “Your partner” has always been next to customers and Thai society. and will continue to grow together sustainably in the future.”

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