Bangkok is ready to pay debts for the Green Line electric train, offering 3 comments to make the cabinet decide.

BMA confirms that it is ready to pay debt for the Green Line electric train but emphasizes the completeness of the provisions and must be considered by the council Bangkok is ready to submit 3 opinions to solve the problem, throw the cabinet to decide

Witsanu Subsompon, Deputy Governor of Bangkok (Bangkok) along with Mr. Torsak Chotmongkol, Chairman Advisor to the Governor of Bangkok Announcing the progress of debt repayment of the Green Line Project Bangkok’s deputy governor has summarized the reasons why the debt cannot be paid. For the Green Line electric train, divided into

1st extension The BMA has no intention of not repaying the debt because the BMA supported bus operation and maintenance fees until April 2019 until the NCPO order was issued on April 11. 62 to appoint project committee and negotiated The private sector receives the payment for the implementation of the 1st extension since May 2019 (stated in the draft joint venture agreement) The value of the debt is in the process of appealing against the interest at this time.

As the BMA has no intention of not repaying the debt and the contract the BMA made with Bangkok Bank (KT) does not specify the interest rate. Calculate the new salary to be accurate according to the facts. which could cause the balance of the debt to change to be different from what the private person sued And if there is complete action and the concession from the Cabinet ends, then the debt can be paid.

2nd extension Considered as a contract with incomplete assignment records. As the budget has not yet been approved by the Bangkok Council, BMA does not conduct legal actions directly with the private sector. KT only has a memorandum of assignment. In addition, Article 133 of the memorandum of assignment also states that “This memorandum does not have the effect that the Company (KT) is an agent or employee of Bangkok”, which in this part must complete all actions in accordance with the provisions of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and must also be considered by the Council from Bangkok.

Mr Witsanu said that The BMA has no intention of delaying the repayment of debts to private companies. But there is a comment that the assignment record is still incomplete. Since the assignment was signed on 28 July 2016, the project has yet to be proposed for approval by the Bangkok Council in the budget Debt for walking to the 1st Bangkok Council Meeting in 2018

by requesting a budget allocation for the project to install the operating system and manage the operation of the Green Line Mass Transit System Operating period 15 years (2018-2032), total budget 31,988,490,000 baht (12,000,000,000 baht from the Bangkok budget and additional budget 19,988,498,000 baht)

By the year 2018, set a budget of 1,000,000,000 baht was proposed to the Bangkok Council and the annual budget for 2018 was considered, but the project was not considered and included in the draft budget.

Bangkok is ready to pay debts for the Green Line electric train, offering 3 comments to make the cabinet decide.

And in 2021, the Traffic and Transport Bureau has proposed to allocate a budget for debt payment for train operation to the Bangkok Council meeting by submitting to the Budget Office to request a budget allocation for debt payment for train operation and carrying out Line Project Extension Green MRT 1 and the extension 2 Y An amount of 9,246,748,339 baht has been prepared in the form of a draft ordinance of Bangkok on the budget for additional expenses for the year, budget 2021 (issue …) BE…. submitted to the Bangkok Council.

placeThe Bangkok Council meeting on April 21, 2021 considered the draft provisions. and has a decision not to approve the BMA to cover the accumulated shortfall Because it does not meet the criteria in accordance with Article 12 of the Bangkok Ordinance on Savings (No. 3) BE 2564 and the Bangkok Council has a proposal for Bangkok to request government budget support Or use the method of allowing the sector private shoulder the burden and provide benefits in the form of a train operating concession. If the proposal cannot be implemented, the project should be returned to the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA).

anyway While underway, on April 11, 2019, the NCPO issued an order in accordance with Section 44 No. 3/2562 on the implementation of the Green Line Electric Railway Project. in order to operate the train continuously as one network (Through Operation) By appointing a committee to decide the rules for sharing benefits from ticket prices. Negotiating with the original concessionaire and drafting a joint venture contract together with appointing a committee to implement the Green Line Project

On August 20, 2019, the Cabinet decided to recognize the results of negotiations and draft contracts and invest jointly in the project. and ask the Ministry of Finance to offer an opinion And between 17 November ’20 – 22 February ’22, Bangkok and the Ministry of Interior are preparing additional information for various agencies. to accompany the presentation of the cabinet

After that, on June 13, 2022, the Ministry of the Interior issued a letter informing Bangkok asking for instructions for the implementation of the project because there is a new governor of Bangkok and the Bangkok Council.On November 3, 2022, the Governor of Bangkok sent a reply letter to the Ministry of Interior, containing 3

1. We agreed to the Through Operation policy which requires the government to support budgets for infrastructure and the installation of train operating systems.

2. Approved to proceed with the MRT Green Line Project in accordance with the Joint Venture Act BE 2562

3. Finding the decision of the Cabinet in accordance with the procedure of the NCPO will bring clarity to the operation.

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