Bangkok. Opened the number of coviral patients in all 50 districts. Today, “Don Mueang” has the highest 62 cases.

Bangkok Open the number of Covid-19 patients by region as of December 4, 2021, Don Mueang, the highest 62 cases, followed by Laksi, 56 cases.

Today (4 Dec. 21) Bangkok by the public relations office Number of patients by district with addresses in Bangkok area as of 4 December 2021, total of 50 districts

Address while sick in Bangkok, 679 cases

Address while sick in other provinces to be treated in the hospital. in Bangkok 213 cases

Currently under follow-up for addresses while sick 14

Total 892 cases

Top 10 districts with the most infections

1. Don Mueang 62 cases

2. Laksi, 56 cases


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