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Bangkok reveals the cure for COVID Sent home 2,432

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Bangkok reveals the cure for COVID Sent home 2,432

On May 9, 64, Mrs. Silpa Suayrawee Sangsoon, Permanent Secretary for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, revealed that the situation of the coronavirus infection epidemic in 2019 (COVID-19) has caused many people to become infected in the area. Bangkok By the Medical Bureau, Health Bureau and related departments A proactive examination was performed and sent the patient into the hospital treatment system. Field hospitals and hospitel continue to care for both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients.

From January 30, 2020 to May 9, 64, there were 4,411 infected patients, 2,432 returned home, 27 were moved to non-affiliated hospitals and 1930 died during treatment.

Currently, the epidemic situation is increasing. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has prepared to provide patient care in all areas such as medical personnel, materials, equipment, including nine asymptomatic patient facilities (field / hospitel hospital) and treatment facilities for symptomatic patients. (Hospital under Bangkok), amount 8 places

In addition, Bangkok has raised the level of delivering patients into the hospital’s treatment system. By the Erawan Center 1669 in collaboration with the joint operation network Makes receiving-sending patients faster From April 10 – May 8, the Erawan Center received 4,611 patients, 4,159 patients were treated in hospitals under the BMA. 2,892 cases treated in other hospitals totaling 1,267 cases

For the number of patients occupying beds in Bangkok hospitals, the BMA Hospital and Hospitel, there are a total of 1,930, as follows: All 8 hospitals under Bangkok have 307 beds occupied. Currently, there are 2,042 beds to accommodate patients. 1,311 beds are occupied by patients, 731 are still available. Bang Khun Thian Elderly Hospital Bang Khun Thian District 1000 beds, 584 beds, 416 beds, Ratchapipat Hospital 200 beds, 193 beds still available, 7 beds Erawan Hospital 1 (Bang Bon Sports Center) 100 beds, 73 beds are still available, 27 beds are still available. Erawan Hospital 2 (Bangkok Arena) 400 beds, 349 beds occupied, 51 beds are still available, Erawan Hospital 3 (Chalermprakiat Bangmod Stadium) 342 occupying 112 beds, 230 beds still available

And in the five Hospitel sections, 594 beds were occupied, 312 of them were occupied, 282 of which were still available. Central Hospital (Dormitory Building) 44 beds, occupying the beds, 27 remaining 17 beds, Urgent Airport 120 beds, 90 beds occupying 30 beds, Thai Baan Thai School 300 beds, 78 beds occupied, leaving 222 beds Khao San School Palace 90 beds, 88 beds, 2 beds, and Patcharakitiyapa building Uthintarajudit 40 beds, occupying the beds, 29 remaining 11 beds (Information as of May 9, 64 at 8:00 AM)

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