Bank loans blocked until the end of the year… Non-face-to-face employee loans discontinued

Shinhan Bank suspends non-face-to-face credit services and recruiters until the end of the year

Unusual management of loans leads to unusual measures

Credit loan growth

A bank loan window in downtown Seoul on the 10th. [연합뉴스 자료사진]

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Banking Team = Before the end of the year, a bank that has entered into a strong’Household Loan Total Management’ has come up with unusual measures to completely block the path of receiving loans.

According to the financial sector on the 14th, Shinhan Bank has decided not to accept non-face-to-face applications for employee credit loans, including’convenient employee credit loans’ from the 15th to the last day of this year.

Convenient credit loan for office workers is a representative non-face-to-face loan product that can be easily obtained from the Shinhan Bank application (app).

Shinhan Bank explained, “It is possible to stop loans for employees, but to do general loans for ordinary people,” and said, “Measures due to the rapid increase in household debt.”

Shinhan Bank also decided not to accept mortgage loans and officetel mortgage loans through loan recruiters until the 31st of this month. We are not accepting this year’s run anymore, but only the 2021 run.

Similar to a card recruiter, a loan consultant acts as a loan consultation counter outside the bank and connects the actual bank and the borrower (the borrower), which means that they will not accept loan applications through them for the time being.

This year’s low interest rate, new coronavirus infectious disease (Corona 19)-related life story, and the movement of “young drag” (gathering up to the soul) and “debt investment” (investing by loan) led to a surge in loan demand, resulting in an increase in personal credit balance.

Banks have continually eliminated preferential interest rates and lowered the limit on loans under pressure from the financial authorities to hold on to the steep increase in household loans as’autonomous regulation’.

Even with these measures, as banks were expected to exceed the total volume control targets reported to the authorities, the banks even lowered the limit and introduced a method of’blocking the window’.

KB Kookmin Bank in principle blocks all household credit loans exceeding 100 million won from this day to the end of the year.

Another bank’s mortgage loan to KB Kookmin Bank’s mortgage loan will be suspended until the end of the year.

Starting on the 9th, Kookmin Bank completely banned the recruitment of mortgages and loans from loans through loan consultants.

Shinhan Bank will lower the credit limit for professional professionals such as doctors and lawyers to 200 million won from this day before deciding to suspend credit loans for non-face-to-face workers.

Considering that the existing credit limit for professional workers was 250 million to 300 million won, depending on the product for each specific occupation, the maximum limit is lowered by 100 million won.

On the 11th, Woori Bank stopped selling’We WON Office Worker Loans’, the flagship product of non-face-to-face credit loans.


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