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Bank of Thailand Championship, State Enterprise Performance Evaluation Year 63 – Post Today, Financial News – Stocks

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Bank of Thailand Champion for State Enterprise Evaluation Year 63

Date 30 May 2021 time 16:23

BAAS has the highest results for the evaluation of state enterprise performance in all 51 state enterprises.

Mr. Chatchai Sirilai Managing Director The Government Housing Bank (GHB) revealed that the State Enterprise Policy Office (Sor Kor Kor.) Has announced the evaluation of the state enterprise performance for the year 2020 according to the State Enterprise Assessment Model: SE-AM, which results show that Government Housing Bank Received a score of 4.8908, the highest score in all 51 state-owned enterprises (as of May 19, 2021), reflecting the excellence of the Bank’s organizational management system capable of meeting national strategies, government policy and The Bank’s strategic plan under the mission of “Make Thais Home” under the theme “Be Simple, Make it Simple” or make it easy for Thai people to have a home with the dedication of 5,000 bank executives and operators. People, despite the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), banks continue to help people have homes.

This can be reflected by the highest new loans in 67 years of 225,151 million baht, 140,386 accounts in 2020, an increase of 4.57% from 2019 and above the target of 15,791 million baht, while helping customers who are affected by income from COVID-19 problem through 10 measures to reduce costs for customers Which has the maximum number of persons receiving the measure 687,489, the remaining principal account is 576,139 million baht

For the year 2020 SE-AM, a new type of assessment system, has been applied to state-owned enterprises, including the Bank of Thailand for the first year in order to promote state-owned enterprises to respond to the environment in conduct Mission / business competition needs of service users And the context changed The Bank’s overall assessment score of 4.8908 is derived from the evaluation of the performance of 3 main areas, which are: 1. Implementation of a policy or strategy, an assessment result of 5 full points; 2. The performance of state enterprises, the assessment result of 4.7578 points and 3. Management of the organization in 8 areas (Core Business Enablers): good governance and organizational leadership. Strategic planning Risk management and internal control Stakeholder and Customer Focus Development of digital technology Human Capital Management In knowledge management and innovation And internal audit, a score of 4.9873 points, which is considered to raise the score of Core Business Enablers in all 8 areas, up to 0.5094 from the Base Line assessment score

The SEPO conducts an evaluation system and prepares indicators for the performance of state enterprises annually. To monitor and supervise the performance of state enterprises The state-owned enterprises are divided into 9 categories: transport, industrial and commercial. Public utility branch Society and Technology Financial Institutions, Agriculture, Natural Resources, Communication and Energy


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