Bank of Thailand news reveals fragile Thai financial stability in year 64

Variety Newsroom – The Bank of Thailand reveals that Thai financial stability in 2021 is “fragile”. Thai household debt is likely to rise. The tourism business is at risk of lack of liquidity.

Mr. Don Nakornthap, Senior Director Financial Stability Department The Bank of Thailand (BOT) has released a report on the stability of the Thai financial system 2021 that the overall Thai financial system is stable. But many parts are still fragile. and the economic recovery is still highly uncertain and unequal. It will take some time for economic activity to return to pre-epidemic levels. Affects the ability to pay debts of households and certain business sectors. This is a major risk to the stability of the Thai financial system. The household sector still has a high level of debt. and accelerated during COVID-19 SMEs and businesses in the tourism-related service sector still face higher liquidity and financial risks than other sectors due to their slow recovery.

However, the overall Thai financial system remained stable. commercial bank There is a high level of capital reserves and liquidity. It can act as an important mechanism to support the demand for credit to support the economic recovery. In addition, the insurance business as a whole still has a stable financial position. will closely monitor risks in various sectors of the financial and economic system so that additional care measures can be taken in a timely manner if necessary


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